Precision-Packing for Interstate Moves

by Troy on September 19, 2014

More than 10 years experience in the removalist industry have taught us a thing or two about typical breakages caused to household items during furniture removals interstate. Loading your entire house into the back of a truck to travel hundreds of kilometres can spell damage for some items if not precision-packed to ensure their safety throughout the long-haul trip.

Below are a few of the most commonly ill-packed items at greatest risk of damage, and how to manage the risk with appropriate packaging procedures. If there’s something not listed that you need help with packing, call our specialists on 1300 299 969 and they will happily talk you through it.

Plants: Before transporting flora with your furniture removals interstate, check with local authorities online to make sure it’s legal to bring plants across the boarder and what restrictions are in place. If you’ve got the green light, resist the temptation to water plants a few days prior to moving. This makes them easier to carry and won’t cause water leakages into surrounding cardboard boxes. If placing the plants inside boxes, leave the box open at the top so heavier items aren’t placed on top causing the box to collapse. Alternatively, clearly label the box with ‘PLANT’ so removalist can pack it appropriately, and remember to leave holes in the cardboard for plants to breathe.

Furniture: There is some furniture that requires little or no packing to protect it during an interstate move, and there is other furniture that should be carefully packed with specialised materials to keep it clean and safe during transit. Interstate Removals have a wide variety of professional packing supplies from mattress protectors through to commercial-grade packing blankets. If you’re unsure of how to pack or add padding to awkwardly shaped furniture, leave it to our qualified removalists and their custom-made packing supplies.

Kitchenware glass: Given the weight of stacking glass plates, jugs, cups, bowls and china, stick to smaller boxes. This makes them easier to carry and less vulnerable to breakages. Wrap each piece individually with bubble wrap or newspaper so that no two pieces of glassware are touching – don’t be afraid to layer. If when you pick the box up to move it you hear jingling inside, place it back on the ground and locate the jingle to add more padding. When you’re confident it’s good to go, label the box with ‘FRAGILE’ so our removalists know to take extra care when moving the box.

Need some advice on precision-packing for your furniture removals interstate? Get a no-obligation, over the phone assessment of how we can help you pack your property to get it interstate in the same condition it left by contacting us today.


Tips for Fast & Fuss-Free Bond Refunds

by Troy on July 9, 2014

Assuming you completed the entry condition report diligently in the beginning of your lease agreement, getting your bond refunded after interstate removalists have moved your contents should be easy, right? Not always. Fortunately there are government bodies in place to protect the rights of renters when it comes to altercations with landlords, but you can reduce the risk of a disagreement by following some simple precautionary steps:

Take entry condition reports seriously: prevention is better than cute! Many people assume that landlords will find a way to withhold bond money no matter what, and therefore pay little or no attention to entry condition reports. Be warned – this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy! Make the time in the beginning to take photos and note any small, seemingly insignificant discrepancies on the form. Even though these reports accommodate for general wear and tear, this can be a contentious definition at the end of a tenancy.

Ensure you have cleaned the property to a ‘reasonable’ degree: the definition of reasonable includes vacuuming, wiping surfaces and removing all items from the property. Depending on the setup of your house, the following list of cleaning products is a good place to start: bleach, gumption, multi-purpose spray and wipe, Easy Off oven cleaner, white vinegar, abrasive cleaning sponges, mop and bucket, steel sponges, micro fibre cloths and Kleen stainless steel polish.

Hire a cleaner: if you’re notoriously lazy, or just generally exhausted after packing and arranging cheap interstate removalists Sydney, it might be a better option to hire a cleaner – but not just any cleaner! Every real estate agent has their own preferred cleaning company who specialises in end of lease cleaning. Using their chosen company will reduce the likelihood of the agent arriving a few hours before you leave, telling you to return to the house to wipe down walls!

Unless you have ample time to clean your rental property properly, hiring a cleaner so you can focus on organising interstate removalists, mail redirections and utility disconnections may pay off in the end. Besides which, if you’ve hired cheap interstate removalists Sydney, you’ll have a few dollars left over to invest in cleaning, which will ensure your bond is returned in full!


Interstate Removals – Tips & Tricks

by Troy on October 31, 2013

There is more to moving house than packing boxes and booking a removal truck. Anybody who has ever attempted to move across the country side would be able to tell you it isn’t a walk in the park, but with the right attitude and preparation it can be achieved with minimal fuss and bother.  

There are many things we must organize before and during the move such as vehicle registrations to update, removal insurance to buy, mail redirections, disconnections & connections and the moving out and moving in party to organise of course!

Before the stress buzzer goes off, take a deep breath and utilize Interstate Removals – we have put together the following helpful hints about Australia’s varying regulations when moving across state:

Interstate Removals Queensland

Removals Insurance

Before you confirm your move we strongly suggest you do a little research.

  • Does your current insurance plan cover you for moving house interstate?
  • Have you notified your insurance provider for your home and contents that you are moving interstate?

They would like to know this is happening, and if anything out of the ordinary happens during the move, you will be glad you got it sorted.

Interstate Removals Queensland include basic transit insurance with all our quotes and we will be glad to help you organise your full insurance cover by using CARTS or VERO MARINE.

Full insurance is the customer’s responsibility and can be taken out right up until the day of the move.

Disconnection & Reconnection of Utilities

It is best to be organised, to minimise the stress, most utility companies allow their customers to arrange disconnections in advance, this would be ideal to organise prior to your move instead of at the last minute.

However, remember to leave the electricity connected until you have vacated and finished cleaning the house – it’s not much fun to clean in the dark!

Most of your utilities will need to redirected to your new address; gas, electricity, internet, telephone, foxtel. It will be piece of mind to have this organised before you even arrive at you new humble abode.

There are now companies that do all connections for you by filling in a form and emailing or faxing to them. This will save most people time but you should read the fine print before commiting to such an offer as they are all a bit different.

Pets and Plants

Generally you are not the only one stressed when it comes to moving interstate, your pets can feel the tension and can make a runner if they feel uneasy. Check your ownership regulations across Australia RSCPA Knowledge Database.

You don’t need to microchip your cats and dogs in South Australia or the Northern Territory (and only cats in Western Australia), however everywhere else is compulsory for both cats and dogs. This procedure makes for an easier search if your pet decides to take a trip down the road to meet the neighbours.

It is also best to be aware of the quarantine restrictions in relation to plants and foods which can threaten the local flora and fauna in your new location.

Motor Vehicle registration

There are varying regulations for vehicle registrations across Australia’s governments. It will depend where you are moving to on how much time you have to organise your registration transfer.

If you are moving interstate to Queensland you will need to register your vehicle within 14 days of relocating to your new address or you will put yourself at risk of receiving a fine.

Visit the Department of Transport & Main Roads for more information on transferring your vehicle registrations from one state to another. Where ever you are moving to interstate, be sure to check the local requirements so you are not driving around illegally, bearing in mind some states will give you three months opposed to 14 days.

While you are organising all your insurance, utilities, pets and plants, and vehicle we will take care of your furniture.

We have weekly backloads from Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Townsville and Tasmania, we are pretty versatile and can accommodate to your removal needs.

Call us today to discuss your interstate removals plans.


Interstate Removals From Brisbane

by Troy on October 29, 2013

There’s more to moving home than packing boxes and removalist trucks, as anybody who’s ever attempted interstate removals will tell you.

There are registrations to change, insurance to buy, disconnections & connections, mail redirections, and that’s just the beginning!

Before you hit the panic button, take a deep breath and tackle tasks one at a time with Interstate Removals’ helpful hints about varying regulations across Australia affecting interstate relocation:


Firstly, before you even think about interstate removals, do some research into your current insurance plan. Does it cover you for moving house? Have you notified your home and contents insurance provider that you’re moving interstate?

They like to know these things, and if anything out of the ordinary happens to your furniture during transit, you’ll be glad you got it sorted.


Most companies allow you to arrange disconnections in advance, so get this over and done with. Gas, electricity, telephone, Internet and pay TV will either need to be disconnected or redirected to your new interstate address when vacating your property. Remember to leave the electricity connected until after you’ve cleaned the house – it’s even less fun in the dark!

Check out Energy Australia for more tips on all things energy related when it comes to moving interstate.

Animals & quarantine

While you don’t need to microchip domestic animals in the Northern Territory or South Australia (and only cats in Western Australia), it’s compulsory for both cats and dogs to be microchipped everywhere else.

The non-invasive procedure means you’ll be able to track down pets if they take off during the move. For info about pet ownership regulations across Australia visit the RSCPA Knowledge Database. A

lso be aware of any quarantine restrictions regarding plants and foods that threaten local flora and fauna in your new region. Taking your pet rabbit to Queensland? Ah-hem…you’ll need a permit for that!

Car registration

Vehicle registration is also regulated by state governments, so you’ll need to sort this out too. If you’re moving interstate to Brisbane you need to register your car within 14 days of establishing your new address or risk being fined.

For more info about transferring registration from another state or territory to QLD visit the Department of Transport & Main Roads.

South Australians are more relaxed: if you’ve arranged interstate removals to Adelaide they’ll give you three months to apply for a local licence and register your car. Wherever you’re moving interstate, be sure to check local requirements so you’re not driving around town legally.

While you’re taking care of all that, we’ll take care of your furniture. With weekly backloads from Sydney, Melbourne, ACT, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Cairns, Townsville, Darwin and Tasmania, we’re pretty flexible.

Give us a call to find out how we can work in with your plans for interstate removals.


Furniture Removals & Feng Shui

by Troy on October 25, 2013

Yep, you read correctly. Furniture removals and Feng Shui!

They’re not two concepts normally associated with each other, but there’s one thing they do have in common: moving house. If you’ve ever moved house before you’ll recall the stress and anxiety that comes with turning your home inside out, having it packed into the back of a removalist truck and shipped to your new address, only to have to deal with the chaos again at the other end.

This is where Feng Shui comes into play…

Before you even think about putting things into packing boxes, consider if you really want or need them. You don’t want to clutter your new space with senseless possessions; the stronger the connection you have with your belongings, the better your Feng Shui energy will be apparently.

Now that you’ve minimised your load to a sensible size, you’ve got a more accurate idea of how much you need to move and can start looking for competitive furniture removal quotes.

After you’ve finally arrived at your new home, but before the furniture removalists are ready to unload, have a think about where you want the removalists to put everything. The bedroom is your space for relaxation and escaping technology, so leave the plasma television, x-trainer and computer to the office and living areas.

If the house has been vacant for some time, open the windows – the quality of air in the bedroom is vital to positive Feng Shui. Add some lamps to bedside tables, as various levels of lighting are conducive to a calm environment. Make sure any mirrors are facing away from the bed, as this is a huge Feng Shui no no! Plants in the bedroom are also frowned upon, but the good news is you can put them in the office.

Your home office should be an environment in which you feel productive and creative, and it should ideally be as far away from your bedroom as possible. To avoid double handling, ask the furniture removalists to place your desk in a Feng Shui commanding position – when you’re working your back should not be facing the door. For quality, fresh air, add some air-purifying plants.

If Feng Shui is all a bit airy-fairy for you, stick to the basic principle of creating a living space that invigorates you, sustains your energy and makes you feel content, which is exactly what we strive for here at Interstate Removals with our extensive list of professional contractors.

Chat with one of our friendly staff today about your furniture removals needs. Ask about our backloading quotes and let us know if you’d like us to drop off some packing supplies. We’re not all experts in Feng Shui, but we sure know a thing or two about local and interstate furniture removals! :o)


Furniture Removalists Backloading

by Troy on October 23, 2013

Furniture Removalists Backloading

You’ve finally found your dream home and graduated from the Renters’ Realm to the First Homebuyers Club…Congratulations! You’ve organised a qualified and experienced furniture removalist and you’ve got your insurance sorted, but before you crack open the champagne and start writing an invite list for the house warming, focus on preparing for the furniture removalists and getting your belongings safely transported to your new home. Prior to the removalists arriving, consider the following packing tips:

Packing supplies

While it’s tempting to reduce, reuse and recycle by wrapping breakables and glassware in newspaper and Kmart catalogues, there’s a chance the ink will run. Although it can be easily removed, it adds to the already exhausting list of jobs associated with moving house. If you don’t want to risk it, head down to your local craft shop and buy a role of butcher’s paper, or call Interstate Removals and we’ll drop off some packing supplies to get you started.

Packing strategy

Treat your packing boxes like you do your shopping cart: the heavier items go on the bottom to avoid placing too much weight on the more delicate items. Try also to avoid having too much vacant space when packing. Empty space creates an opportunity for boxes to collapse in on themselves if heavier furniture is placed on top. 

Photograph connections

If you’ve spent the last ten years creating an elaborate surround sound home entertainment setup, or your office is a jungle of cords and connections, it can be helpful to photograph the connections before dismantling them. This will save you a trial and error cable reconnection nightmare at your new home.

Bits’n’Pieces Box

Where do all the cables, cords and connections go? In the Bits’n’Pieces Box, of course. Keep them together with other loose items like remote controls, screws, bolts, doorstops and other odds and ends from around the house. Label the packing box clearly with a list of contents for easy access and pop in an emergency role of toilet paper: the world’s most versatile product.

Money savers

If you’re moving house on a budget there are options for minimising costs. Start early and dismantle all beds, shelving and fixtures before the furniture removalists arrive. The more you do in advance, the less work there is for the removalists. Also consider backloading for smaller loads. By using free space in another mover’s load you will reduce not only costs but also carbon emissions caused by furniture removalist trucks on the road.   

If you’ve never hired a furniture removalist before, comparing quotes and services can be an overwhelming task. The good news is that Interstate Removals have more than 10 years experience and we’ll beat any written quote for furniture removal. The sooner you’re all set up in your new home, the sooner you can throw a house warming, so give us a call and let’s get your party started!

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Removalist Sydney to Melbourne

by Troy on October 18, 2013

Planning a move from Sydney to Melbourne

Moving interstate from Sydney to Melbourne is no small feat. Having to acclimatise to Melbourne’s menopausal weather and converting to AFL can be almost as tough as the 10-hour drive. We’ve lost count of the times we’ve driven across the boarder at Interstate Removals – it’s a regular thing for us. If this is your first interstate relocation however, here are some suggestions on how to minimise the stress and prepare for the big day:


Create an inventory of everything you need to move. The more accurate the list is, the less chance there is of potentially costly and inconvenient misjudgements. Overestimating will mean paying for space you don’t need. If it’s unlikely you’ll fill en entire removalist truck, enquire about backloading services. By using leftover space in another vehicle, you’ll share the costs and reduce the environmental impact of pollution on Australia’s roads.  Too lazy to write your own? Call Interstate Removals and we’ll send someone over.

Tap test

The age old tap test: it’s that patronising part of the annual work occupational health and safety training that requires you to stand in front of your colleagues and demonstrate correct technique for picking up heavy boxes. The golden rule – if you can’t move the box with your foot, you shouldn’t pick it up. Well, that’s what you hire removalists for: to take care of the heavy lifting. Remember though that while your packing boxes will be moved for you, there’s a chance you’ll need to shift them around after they arrive, so aim to keep them under 20 kilos.

Change of address 

If you want to continue receiving your Baskin Robbins birthday voucher, you’ll need to let them know you’re moving house. Start the updating process with the wad of plastic cards in your wallet. Jump online or give the company a call – it’s also a good time to check that phone numbers and email addresses are up to date. Keep a record of which ones you’ve done. After the first five it’s easy to lose track. If you’d rather deal with this later, give Australia Post a call and organise a mail redirection.   

If you’re considering hiring a removalist Sydney to Melbourne, call an experienced and Guaranteed Best Price provider like Interstate Removals. We offer daily backloads from Sydney to Melbourne and our professional contractors like lifting heavy things. Sit back, enjoy the drive and we’ll see you on the other side!


Quotes On Furniture Moving

by Troy on October 15, 2013

Finding a winning furniture removal quote


It would be silly to hire a professional cleaner to take care of your property after moving house without shopping around for a quote. If you’re in the market for any good or service it makes sense to look around to ensure you’re getting a good deal and competitive rate. Hiring a removalist is no exception: you want to ensure you’re receiving the best and most personalised service for your family or business relocation needs. Here are some considerations when sourcing moving quotes on furniture moving from potential removalists:


You wouldn’t leave your child with an inexperienced babysitter, so don’t leave your family possessions with a rookie removalist. It doesn’t hurt to ask how long the company has been in business or enquire about the owner’s background in the furniture removalist industry.


There’s more to moving house than reducing rooms to packing boxes and piling them into removalist trucks. When asking for removalist quotes enquire about backloading services. If you’re happy to share the costs of moving by utilising free space in someone else’s load, you’ll also reduce your carbon footprint. Don’t feel like riding your motorbike interstate? Add vehicle transport to the quote. And for piece of mind, be sure to ask about removalist insurance.

Delivery times & days

You want to move house when it suits you, not the removalist. Interstate Removals offer weekly backloads from Melbourne, Sydney, ACT, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Cairns, Townsville, Darwin and Tasmania. With our extensive list of contractors we’re confident we’ll find a removalist who wants to move your furniture when it suits you, at a cost you’re comfortable with.

Packing supplies

Some companies have additional charges for packing boxes, while others include these in the cost of the move. Interstate Removals will deliver moving boxes right to your front door – all you have to do is ask!


If your property is particularly difficult to navigate with large vehicles or you need to move especially heavy or awkward furniture, be sure to mention this when negotiating a quote. If in doubt, request that a removalist visit your property to survey the premises. This will avoid any surprise charges incurred on the day of the move.

When you’re satisfied you’ve found a furniture moving quote to suit your personal or business relocation needs, call Interstate Removals on 1300 299 969 and we’ll be more than happy to beat any written quote with our Guaranteed Best Price policy.

Offering clients the best furniture moving quotes possible… “It’s what we do!”


Removalists Tasmania

by Troy on October 10, 2013


Moving around the corner, over the bridge or interstate to Tasmania requires a lot of preparation and foresight. Selecting the right removalists for your relocation needs means you can rest assured that your family possessions or office furniture will arrive on time and in one piece. Interstate Removals have put together a criterion for choosing a professional and experienced removalist to make your move as silky smooth and stress-free as possible.

Can I move house myself?  

Think long and hard about this before committing to moving home without a removalist. On the surface it may seem like a plausible idea, but you need to factor in how you’ll move valuable items like family heirlooms, antiques and other large items of furniture that are best left to the professionals. You might be confident carrying the grandfather’s clock up five flights of stairs, but if the person on the other end loses grip, you could be facing an irreparable friendship…“Should have called the removalists!”

Gather quotes

Start gathering quotes well in advance of your move. It’s as easy as picking up the phone or jumping online. Ask removalists if they provide moving supplies like packing boxes, and if they offer a backloading service. With backloading you’ll save money by sharing the costs of moving house with another client headed in the same direction and you’ll also save the planet from unnecessary carbon emissions by reducing the number of vehicles on the road. Once you’ve found a quote you’re happy with, call us at Interstate Removals and we’ll beatany written quote with our Guaranteed Best Price promise.

 Do they offer insurance?

Find out if the removalist company offers comprehensive insurance for your contents against loss or damage during the move. It’s also a good idea to speak with your home contents insurer and check if your current policy covers your contents while they are being moved. Interstate Removals can help you select the most appropriate insurance policy for your removalist needs.

Trust your overall feeling about a removalist company. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the service from the moment they answer the phone, it’s probably worth investigating some other options. At Interstate Removals we’re confident that our professional, friendly staff and our reliable, trained removalists will make your move memorable for all the right reasons. Call us today on 1300 299 969 to discuss your removalist needs and let’s get your show on the road.


Moving Interstate Sydney

by Troy on October 7, 2013

It’s time to get packing!

Interstate Removals Sydney

Yes, the dreaded word when it comes to moving, “packing”. Where to start? Invite your so called friends and family over, they sure wouldn’t mind a few free bits and bobs around the house that you don’t use anymore. Only true friends show their face when it comes to moving. When packing you will probably come across some great memories to reminisce over at the same time. Try to enticing them over, provide some nibbles, drinks and a good laugh, how about having a Barbie!? And if they are happy to help, get them packing then drinking.

We have put together some packing guidelines to get the shindig under way:

Bits and Bobs

If it can be put in a box, it needs to be put in a box. Moving in or out of Sydney put things in a box not only saves time but it also keeps items safe. If you have loose bits and bobs in the truck it is sure to get lost. It is best to minimise this from happening for your own piece of mind by putting everything in a box. Always remember when packing; the larger and heavy items go at the bottom, with the lighter, smaller items at the top. Books need to be placed in a book wine box to ensure the safest lifting possible, isn’t it bizarre how paper can be so heavy! Make sure anything that is sharp is covered with bubble wrap, towels or clothes to minimise any scratching on other items while in transit. Hazardous items such as paint bleach and aerosols are to be kept together and separate from other items, it is best to put these in a plastic sealed container.

Label your boxes – (Interstate Removals supply these)

With Backloading it is best to mark your items to keep the job for your removalists as simple as possible. The booking reference, first and last name, pickup address, delivery address and which room the item is to be delivered to; i.e. John Smith, reference 1010 John Smith, Southbank VIC to Bondi NSW, Kitchen is suffice to allow your removal company the necessary information to deliver your items. Adequate labelling will also prevent you from opening and unpacking any boxes in the incorrect room.

Your survival kit

It is a great idea to have a survival kit packed with all the essentials for your first few nights in your new abode. Your kit needs to consist of the following items; first aid kit, sanitary items, tea, coffee and sugar, kettle, cutlery, cups, plates and bowls, a torch and towels.

Now you are all sorted, your friends and family have some items they have been meaning to get for awhile and you have a lighter load which means a less expensive move! You can now organise your moving date and secure your move. Call Interstate Removals and we will talk with you about your options.

Keep packing and we’ll take care of the rest!