Moving can be as stressful on humans as it is for pets. Imagine having your whole world turned upside down with no understanding of what’s happening, causing pets to become distressed and even go walk about. When it comes to removals, interstate companies should prepare clients with tips like these for making relocation easier on four-legged friends:

Dogs thrive on routine, so in the lead up to the move, keep feeding times and walks as normal as possible. If you have a particularly anxious pup, talk to your vet about a mild sedative for long-distance travel. If driving,allow for regular toilet and water breaks, and before settling into your new home, check fences are adequately dog-proofed. Bringing your dog’s unwashed toys, blankets and bedding will also make them feel instantly at home. And remember that after you, routine is a dog’s best friend!

As with dogs, try to keep cats’ schedules as regular as possible before moving. Settling into your new place is bound to be the most challenging step, as cats tend to run away when faced with unfamiliar territory. For this reason, it’s essential to keep cats in a quiet ‘home-room’ until settled. Ensure this room has food, water, a litter-box, bedding and familiar toys. As cats become more relaxed, gradually allow them to explore the rest of the house, but try not to let them outside for at least a week post-move.

Things to remember:

  • Talk to your vet before moving and make sure you have up-to-date copies of veterinary records and vaccination certificates.
  • Make sure your pet has new identification tags if moving interstate. If your pet is micro chipped, have their records changed to your new address.
  • Pack all of your animal’s favourite and familiar things including bedding, toys and treats.
  • If your pet is not adjusting well to its new surroundings and starts driving you barking mad, take a trip to the vet and make sure everything else is ok.

When you and your fur babies are ready for booking the best removals interstate companies, call us on1300 299 969 and we’ll connect you with a professional team of removalists focused on making relocations as relaxing as possible for you and your fur family.


How to turn your new house into your new home

by Troy Said on April 6, 2015

Moving day is lurking and you’re starting to feel sentimental. You know it’s time for a change, but you can’t imagine your new house feeling like home. Interstate Removals can help organise reputable interstate removalists Melbourne to get you moving ASAP,and with these 5 tips to turn your new house into a welcoming home you’ll be settled in no time:

1.  Embrace change
Say goodbye to your old place with a farewell party. This closure will help you come to terms with the fact that change is an exciting and celebratory occasion. Don’t compare your new home to your old home and focus on the all the things it does have,rather than what it doesn’t.

2.  It won’t happen overnight
Give yourself time to settle in and make new friends, but don’t avoid spending time at home. Enjoy your new environment doing the things you love like gardening, reading, cooking and DIY projects.

3.  Make it your own
Get creative with decorating your new home and experiment with belongings in ways they’ve never been displayed before. Whether you’re bringing old furniture and decorations or starting fresh, create a home so cozy it makes it hard to leave on a Friday night.

4.  Mood and ambience
You may not be a Feng Shui follower, but creating a sense of ambience in your home will encourage you to spend more time there, and lighting is an easy way to create this warmth and atmosphere – so get rid of fluorescent lights and invest in lamps. Playing your favourite upbeat music will also help create new memories inspired by your new home.

5.  Friends and family
Don’t be a stranger! Once you’ve settled in, invite friends, family, and neighbours around to inject life into the home. Showing off your new environment is a fantastic way to feel a sense of belonging while creating fresh memories at the same time.

If you needinterstate removalists Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or any other towns and cities on the easy coast,call Interstate Removals today on 1300 299 969. A house without personal effects is no home, so let us move your furniture in your new abode!


Thinking about downsizing? The kids have flown the coop, you’ve tossed out the trinket collection and now you feel there’s too much room. It might be time to move into a smaller, more manageable home, and with Interstate Removals cheap removalist quotes, you can expect to get it done for an unbeatable price you’ll love. Here are 11 ways moving into a smaller home will improve your quality of living:

Less cleaning=more free time
Do you spend your entire weekend cleaning? Smaller homes require less cleaning, which equals more free time for you to get out of the house to catch up with friends or explore a new hobby.

It’s harder to hoard
Is your current home packed to the rafters with stuff you never use? Moving into a smaller home is a great way to eliminate clutter. Whether it’s kids’ high school report cards or Aunt Wanda’s creepy doll collection, downsizing is an excellent way to sort the belongings you need and want, from those you really don’t.

Bothersome bills
If you’re sick of ridiculous electricity bills, a smaller home will be cheaper to heat in winter and more affordable to cool in summer. This means you can also feel good about decreasing your environmental footprint.

Less maintenance
Let go of the shovel, pack up the paint brushes and put your feet up.If you feel like you spend every spare minute maintaining the house, only to find you reach the end of the list for something else to fall apart, a smaller home could be the answer to a considerably smaller to-do list.

Inner-city living
The ‘burbs were a great place to raise the kids, but now the house is practically empty and you’re still driving an hour to and from work in the city. If you move to an inner-city apartment, the kids might even drop by occasionally.

Smaller mortgage payments with less financial risk
Generally speaking, smaller homes cost less to purchase, which means you’ll pay it off faster and can start scheduling an annual holiday sooner. What’ll it be – Thailand or France?

Easier to get around
Walking up and down stairs in a large home can be particularly hazardous as you get older. If there’s nothing tying you to your two-story home, make the move into a smaller dwelling while you’re still able-bodied and well enough to take on the feat of moving house.

If you’ve got downsizing in your sights, call us for a cheap removalist quote on 1300 299 969. With 10+ years experience moving families, elderly, students, couples and individuals, we understand the varying needs of these moves and how to make your transition as smooth and affordable as possible.


The day has finally arrived: you’ve graduated from high school and been working all summer to save for the big move – it’s time to fly the coop! Before you get too excited by the idea of such a momentous occasion, there are some things to consider first. Give us a call at Interstate Removals to source a quote for cheap interstate removalists and refer to these quick tips for leaving home:

Talk to your parents
Your parents are also likely anxious about the big move.Whether they’re crying tears of sadness or joy, it’s bound to be an emotional time. Think about how your parents may be feeling and talk through any worries they have surrounding the move. Likewise, if you have any questions, don’t be too stubborn to ask parents for advice or reach out to community and government organisations like rental authorities and student support groups.

Before moving, ensure you’ve drawn up a realistic budget for living out of home. Don’t forget to include expenses like bond (if you’re moving into a sharehouse/flat) and connection fees for utilities such as gas, electricity and Internet. Creating a weekly budget is a simple and sure way to avoid debt. Also, consider purchasing home and contents insurance if moving into a sharehouse where roomies are lax about leaving windows open and doors unlocked. If you’re heading into full-time study, check out what financial support may be available through Centrelink’s Austudy program by calling 132 490.

Finding the right place
Whether you’re moving into a university dorm, an established sharehouse, setting up a new place with friends or heading out on your own, make sure it’s an environment that suits you and your lifestyle. Ask yourself some serious questions: if you are living alone, will you get lonely? If you are sharing, will you get along with the other tenants? Always be clear about what you’re getting into before signing a lease or tenancy agreement by inspecting the house in person first and meeting all occupants face-to-face.

The big day
Before the big day, make a list of things to take. Whether it’s a big or small move, consider how you are going to transport your furniture. You may think a DIY move is the cheapest option, but this is an easy trap for first-time movers. If it’s a single bedroom of furniture, backloadingis likely to save you time, energy and money, not to mention the stress of attempting it yourself.

If you’re looking for cheap interstate removalists, call 1300 299 969 today and ask how we can get you on the Road to Independence with our cheap, quick, reliable and friendly operators who’ve helped hundreds of firs-time home leavers finally fly the coup.


3 Tips to Home Styling After Moving House

by Troy Said on January 6, 2015

Moving house is the perfect opportunity to overhaul your home decor and start fresh. Think of your new abode as a blank canvas: a chance to reinvent your surroundings while striking a balance between style and practicality. Resist the temptation to return your furniture and decorations to their previous configuration after the furniture removalist Brisbane has unpacked the truck – this is your chance to recreate your living space and step out of your styling comfort zone. Here’s how:

1. Determine each room’s purpose
If you’re moving into a rental, chances are you’ve only seen the place once during inspection, so until you return you might not have a clear idea about which room will be setup for what purpose. Before unpacking, decide how each room will be used. For recreational/living areas, determine if they’ll be used to study, entertain or relax. You can then decide which furniture, accessories and electrical equipment are needed to make the space functional.

2. Inject personality
Don’t feel forced into the confines of styling categories like vintage, contemporary, nautical, oriental or country. Need inspiration? Invest in home styling magazines and take notes on what you do and don’t like. Once you have an idea that reflects your personal style, evaluate how your existing furniture and home wares will serve this theme; do they fit with your proposed design? With the money you save selecting Interstate Removals as your furniture removalist Brisbane, shout yourself some feature pieces for each room that will act as the foundation of your style overhaul.

3. Select colour palette
Choosing to add colour to more permanent features like floors and walls can be problematic and costly down the track if you decide to change décor again in six months. Begin to introduce a unified colour palette after all the furniture has been arranged through less permanent fixtures like lamps, cushions, floor coverings, wall hangings and feature chairs.

Thinking of overhauling your dated or dysfunctional furniture before moving? Call Interstate Removals and inquire about Brisbane backloading for smaller loads, as well as our price beat guarantee for moving larger houses to get you into your new home with a kiddy of saved cash for new DIY styling projects.


Moving from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast

by Troy Said on December 29, 2014

Tired of the unpredictable weather, ice-cold winters and over-priced hipster cafes in Melbourne? Perhaps you’ve decided to start your own family and settle down somewhere a little more peaceful. Or, maybe it’s the opposite; the kids are grown up and you’ve decided to sell the Melbourne house and skip town. Sunshine Coast is a beautiful place, however it’s a long way from Victoria. Interstate Removals offer simple solutions to bridge the geography gap, with removal services between Melbourne and Sunshine Coast. With 10+ years experience, we have a few tips for house removal Melbourne to Sunshine Coast to get you started:

Create a list
Write a checklist by walking through each room in your house and jot down every item you plan to take for your house removal Melbourne to Sunshine Coast. Creating an accurate inventory eliminates the chance of expensive and inconvenient mistakes. If you aren’t careful, you may end up paying for an entire truck, when you could be using leftover space in someone else’s. If you don’t need an entire truck, backloading will save you money while reducing your carbon emissions. Too busy to write a list? Give Interstate Removals a call and we’ll send one of our staff over to do it for you.

Start the packing party
At Interstate Removals we’re here to help you with every step of your house removal Melbourne to Sunshine Coast, and we plan to do it in the fastest, most secure, and affordable way possible. In fact, we will even help with packing. Once you’ve completed your inventory, you are ready to begin packing your items. The good news is that we deliver packaging supplies to your doorstep. Even better, our moving professionals can assist you with itemising and packing belongings. We also offer a range of storage and insurance options, so no matter what you decide to take to the Sunshine Coast, whether it be furniture, boxes of books or your surfboard, we’ll make sure you’re ready for a smooth transition.

Get moving
You’ve packed up your life and you’re ready to head north. From experience, moving can be emotionally and physically taxing work. Even after we’ve taken care of your packing, you still have to clean your home or rental, update details, and organise ‘bon voyage’ drinks with Melbourne friends. After all this, do you really think you’ll have the stamina to drive interstate? It’s no easy feat! Shout yourself a cheap airfare and let us take care of transporting your vehicle to Queensland for you.

Call Interstate Removals today on 1300 299 969 to find out which parts of your moving journey we can help with to get you ready for your exciting new life on the coast.


It’s time for a change of scenery; somewhere your business will explode – Melbourne! The only hurdle is your company is physically rooted to your current QLD address. Fortunately, moving companies Melbourne backload from interstate towns and cities, like Interstate Removals. With an excellent reputation and competitive backloading rates, we’re confident we are the cheapest company for clients moving businesses to and from Melbourne. Here are the top three reasons to move with us:

Affordability with a price beat guarantee
At Interstate Removals we pride ourselves not only on our excellent service, but also our affordable rates. We understand moving or expanding a business can be a challenging and costly endeavour, and our price beat guarantee ensures we’re one of the top business moving companies Melbourne backloading services in Australia. If you need to move a small office of business furniture, backloading is an affordable alternative saving you much-needed bucks to spend on other business-related expenses. Alternatively, if you’re planning on buying new furniture interstate and simply need boxes moved, backloading is the most efficient and cost-effective option – why hire an entire truck when all you have to move is a few boxes?

We cater to your individual business relocation needs
If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. Our competent team is dedicated to finding you the best possible removalists. We take into account cost, reliability, and security when selecting a company that will best suit your needs and budget. Confidential business files? No problem. We select from a range of companies we know and trust. Our clients are confident they’re getting the best possible moving companies Melbourne backloading has to offer for the best price. Moving or expanding your business can be a stressful time. We’ve made it our business to ensure it’s as seamless as possible by tailoring packages for your business, no matter what you’re moving; archived files or office furniture – we’ve got you covered.

Fast, efficient and friendly service
You’ve made the decision to move or expand your business and you want to get your new premises set up and running as fast as possible. After all, time is money! With Interstate Removals you can rest assured we are dedicated to getting your business on track as quickly as possible. Interstate Removals offer the lowest rates and fastest transport for getting your new business over the boarder and into operation as quickly, safely and affordably as possible. We understand your time is money!

Don’t let moving or expanding your business to Melbourne become an expensive, time-consuming or risk-ridden exercise. Call the Interstate Removals staff on 1300 299 969 to chat about how we can help move your business interstate to get you making waves in a new market as soon as possible.


Steps for Moving Brisbane to Melbourne

by Troy Said on December 20, 2014

Brisvegas, it’s been a blast, but it’s time for a sea change! Whether you’re moving to Melbourne for study, career progression, family commitments, or just on a whim, there’s some housekeeping to consider first. Don’t leave it until last minute; get in early and begin collecting quotes for cheap removals Brisbane to Melbourne. Lucky for Brisbanites, Interstate Removals offer a price-beat guarantee to move your belongings quickly, cheaply, and securely to your new interstate address. Get the ball rolling with these 3 steps for preparing your big move across the boarder:

Choose a removal company
At Interstate Removals, we promise the cheapest rates and fastest delivery times for cheap removals Brisbane to Melbourne. With 10+ years experience in the removalist industry, we’ve dealt with individual clients, families and companies of all sizes moving interstate, so whatever you need to shift and wherever you need to go, we’ve got the experience and the cheapest rates to match your move. Our unbeatable best price guarantee means we’ll better any legitimate written quote for the same services, and we’ll even do it with a smile and the stellar service to which our national client base have come to expect.

Decisions, decisions….
No move is too big or too small for Interstate Removals. We’re ready and able to transport whatever you decide to bring from the Sunshine State to the Culture Capital. Choosing what to pack can be a difficult decision, so feel free to bring it all. We transport everything from furniture and boxes to artworks and automobiles. We suggest writing an inventory early, which allows us to tailor a contract to suit your needs. For small moves consider backloading, rather than hiring an entire truck. Backloading caters for low budget interstate moves, so if you’re just bringing a few boxes, we’ll find a backloading truck that’s headed in your direction.

Get packing!
After you’ve decided what to bring, you’ll need quality packing supplies and professional tips on packing fragile items like mirrors and glassware (also on the blog). For industry-grade supplies, contact us and we’ll arrange to have cardboard boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap delivered directly to your door to save time. For heavier items, use double-walled boxes, as these are stronger and can handle more weight. If moving furniture, you’ll require moving blankets. Interstate Removals can also supply these free of charge on the day of your move.

Call our staff today to request a quote and inquire about cheap removals Brisbane to Melbourne seasonal backloading specials for studio apartments and smaller loads, as well as rates for larger 3, 4, and 5+ bedrooms houses. It’s not the size that matters, it’s the price, and you can be sure we’ve got one that fits your budget!


Updating Details When Moving Home: Part 2

by Troy Said on November 4, 2014

Welcome to Part 2 of Interstate Removals’ checklist for updating your details before organising furniture transport. With so much on your plate already, we’ve broken the task down into two manageable sections. Check out Part 1 to make sure you haven’t missed any other important providers. Get your pens and mobiles ready….Let the phone calls begin!

Unless your credit card expires, you will still be supporting your sponsor child through way of donation, but you’re not going to receive your quarterly updates with pictures and personal messages unless you notify the charity of your change of address.

Looking for an excuse to cancel your gym membership? Not so fast. These days, most of the major fitness centres have gyms in just about every capital city and town. Contact the centre and let them know you’re moving and they will help you with the process of becoming a member at your new location.

Toll tags
Most toll tags can be used nationally, however it’s still a good idea to update your contact details to ensure you receive letters regarding credit card renewal and other notifications that may prevent you from accumulating surprise fees.

Loyalty programs
Failure to update your contact details with FlyBuys, Woolworths Rewards and other loyalty programs means missing out on the family sized Cadbury 2-for-1 chocolate deals in your letter box at the end of a bad week – it’s just not worth it! Jump online and make sure you continue to receive the awesome coupon deals after your move.

Electoral Commission
Updating your new address on the electoral roll is essential; failure to do so may result in your name being taken off the roll making you unable to vote. This can be easily done online at the Australian Electoral Commission in a matter of minutes, and will ensure you get a say in the next election.

Updated all your details? Bring on the furniture removals interstate! We can’t help with the arduous task of updating contact details, but we can help with the cheapest furniture transport in Australia. Call 1300 299 969 today and get your furniture removals interstate in motion!

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Updating Details When Moving Home: Part 1

by Troy Said on November 1, 2014

The first service providers that spring to mind for most people when updating details are banks. In the haste of interstate removalists, it’s easy to forget about the others. Arranging a mail redirection is one way of ensuring you receive all snail mail post-move, however for those on a budget, this checklist will help make sure you’ve updated your new address and contact details before interstate movers Melbourne arrive.

If you’ve tried to visit a bulk-billing doctor without a valid Medicare card, you probably left with a headache you didn’t have on the way in. Make sure you receive all communications and new cards from Medicare by updating your details online. Simply register for a myGov account and change your address online or call 132 307. 

Australian Taxation Office
You are required by law to tell the Registrar of the Australian Business Register within 28 days of any changes in your registered business details, which include postal, email or business address. You can do this online by registering for an Administrator AUSkey, or by calling 13 92 26.

You’ll want this when you retire, so make sure they know where to find you! You can update these details online with most providers if you have registered for online services. Alternatively, a quick call to customer service will ensure your quarterly superannuation certificates are sent to the right address.

Driver’s Licence
Updating the address on your driver’s licence is as easy as visiting the issuing Main Roads Department website. This can usually be done online and they will send you an adhesive sticker to place on the back on your licence. If moving interstate, there is typically a grace period of around three months within which to transfer your licence to your new state. If the licence is valid, it’s unlikely you’ll be charged a fee, however in the event it has expired, a fee may be payable.

Pap smears and prostate tests; not fun for anybody, but a necessary part of life. It’s not something we like to think about and as a result seem to conveniently forget – unless we receive a notification from our doctor. Make sure you continue to receive postal reminders of when you’re due for your next health check by calling your doctor and updating your details.

Of course the best solution is to arrange a mail redirection for a couple of months to ensure you don’t miss any semi-regular communications, and with the money you’ll save with Interstate Removalists’ price beat guarantee, you’ll have a few dollars to spare!

For interstate movers Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Darwin and everywhere in between, contact us for a quick quote and tick another item off your moving checklist today!