BACKLOADING Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane

Why pay for a whole truck if you are only going to use part of the available space? Here at Interstate Removals we feel that it’s a very smart and valid question. We now have available Backloading Movers from Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Backloading is an efficient and more economical way to move your goods.  You only pay for the space occupied by your goods.  The removalists will load the truck with your possessions and lock them into a section of the truck.  Other pickups are collected along the way. This method of interstate removals can take slightly longer than the direct drive however in most cases pickup and delivery dates are known and organised well in advance.

Lets look at advantages of Backloading for you Interstate Removal

  • Great Savings $$$ on your Move – More money in your pocket
  • Timing on your Backload – Delivery often between 2-4 days from pickup area depending giving you time to arrive safely.
  • Peace of mind – All Interstate Removals customers will have an allocated position in the truck that is sectioned off just for them.
  • Flexibility– Most major cities will have 2-4 trucks passing through each week making your desired pick up date a real possibility.

If you wish to discuss any of the above Backloading Removals options please contact us on 1300 299 969 or

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