Backloading Removals to Darwin

If you’re looking for Backloading Removals to Darwin and want the best price for your move, the quickest furniture delivery and to put your goods in the reliable hands of carefully trained furniture removalists, then look no further than the home removalist experts at Interstate Removals.

Moving to or from Darwin is a breeze for us and our moving services are guaranteed to be cheap and quick for you because we specialise in Backloading Removals to Darwin. This means that we benefit from trucks that make their normal deliveries to and from Darwin by using any spare space they may have to transport your furniture. With daily pickups in and out of Darwin you’re therefore guaranteed that your furniture will be delivered where it needs to be in the shortest time possible and at the lowest rate.

Not all furniture removal companies use backloading so this is where you have the advantage if you come to us. We understand that a move is stressful, so by using backloading we can guarantee your furniture will be moved around Darwin, or across Australia, quickly, cheaply, and most importantly safely.

As part of our moving services, not only do we offer backloading for your furniture removal, but we can help you out with organising insurance, we’ll happily deliver packing supplies direct to your door, and we’ll even move your car or motorbike to where it needs to be.

Whether it’s a move around the corner in Darwin or a trek across the country, no matter how close or far or how big or small your move is, our backloading furniture removalists will have you covered. We’ve been in the backloading business for over 10 years and have moved thousands of Australian families all around the country.

Furniture removal doesn’t have to be as stressful and costly as you might think. By backloading your furniture to or from Darwin with the expert moving company, Interstate Removals, you can be assured that your move will go smoother than you ever imagined.



2 years ago

Looking to backload from Sydney to Katherine in October 2018 (11th). Washing machine, fridge, 7pc dining table, 2-2-1 lounge, qs bed and mattress and 4 bedside tables

Troy Said

2 years ago

Hi Rose,

We will work out a quote and email you back once we have a price.

Kind regards,

Troy Said
Senior Moving Consultant

Tel: 1300 299 969

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