Packing for Backloading is usually the single most difficult thing to do in the process of home moving. It is a strenuous activity which requires a lot of time from home owners. Here are a few guidelines to help pack all the things you may need. Packing efficiently and with quality material can save you time and damage.

Planning ahead is the first tip to take note of. When Backloading it’s good to have a clear picture in your head and can give you a sense of direction on how your move is going to play out. A schedule can help you map out all the things you need to do and pack within the day. Moving requires a serious amount of time, and it should be set aside accordingly. Even the number of boxes should be planned. So as to not waste boxes, plan forward the things you will put inside. For example, breakables, toys, furniture, and kitchen materials should all be categorized so that the moving and packing will be done smoothly.

Together with scheduling and planning is to make a list of things you are bringing with you. It won’t really help if you just keep dumping things in the boxes without having an inventory. If you have a list before moving, then you can verify if any items got lost along the way or during the backloading. This can also help with the unpacking later on after backloading to your new home.

With packing, you always want to have the correct packing materials. If you are packing things yourself and you won’t hire anyone to help, you should have the right tools so that the things you put inside the boxes won’t topple out. Proper materials include packaging tape, duct tape, scissor, etc. This may be a simple guideline but without them, you won’t be able to pack anything. You can buy these items in bulk so you’ll have enough, and it’s cheaper to buy them in larger quantity. In terms of wrapping, bubble wrap is the most effective. Don’t settle for newspapers because they often leave stains on your things and furniture.

Packing the correct way helps not only you, but the moving company who will do the backloading as well. You won’t have to worry about damages or losses in your furniture if you packed them well. The backloading process also benefits as you can be sure of the number of boxes you put in the truck. Plan ahead, make a list, and use the proper materials, and you’ll have a safe and fast move.

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