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Ian Lester

11 months ago

We used your service 3/11/17 for a full household move from Pakenham Victoria to Yamba NSW. The service was excellent ! Jack is so cool, calm and collected, a true gentleman with a friendly caring manner. We experienced no fuss, on time with not a single breakage! The cost was very competitive and affordable. We would recommend your service to anyone above all others. Thank you, and Jack I owe you dinner mate!

Troy Said

11 months ago

Dear Ian and Mary,
We really appreciate your kind words and are delighted to help your family move Interstate. Our driver Jack is a fantastic and life long removalist who always does his best to get the job done professionally. Jack said you guys packed well and were an absolute please so we need to say Thanks to you guys. Enjoy Yamba (great part of the world) and feel free to contact us if you ever need.
Troy Said


4 months ago

All of our goods didn’t fit on the truck (I underestimated how much we had, but when driver assessed the situation the night before he said it would be okay). The removal took place 1/5/18 and its now 19/6/18 and after numerous calls we still can’t get in touch with someone to collect the remaining items from Gold Coast and deliver to country Victoria. Very frustrating! What do I do? I just want to know the cost and have my property delivered to me.

Jackie Edwards

2 months ago


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