Questions & Answers

Can I Move My Motorbike in the furniture truck?

          Its not recommended unless its an old dirt bike as the truck will be loaded with household furniture. To move your Motorbike try MotorbikeMovers to get the job done right and at a good price in a dedicated Motorbike Movers truck.


How long will it take my goods to arrive?

Of course this will depend on where you are moving from and to.  A good rule of thumb is:

  • Between Melbourne & Sydney – 1-3 days
  • Between Melbourne & Brisbane – 1-4 days
  • Between Melbourne & Cairns – 5-12 days
  • Between Melbourne & Perth – 3-14 days

All estimates are classed as working days.

I’m not sure how many boxes I’ll end up with?

Do a walk around your house, pausing in each room to take note of what will need to be boxed.  Write down how many boxes you’ll need for each room.

I have a lot of fragile items – what’s the best way to pack these?

By using packing materials such as bubble wrap, paper and foam you will be in the best possible position for your goods to travel smoothly. Our guys use thick felt removal blankets to ensure the safe handling of your furniture but the more you assist the better the outcome.

How should I prepare for a move?  Do I need to disassemble my furniture?

Yes, by dismantling and flat packing your furniture you will save space and money plus ensure your furniture is easy to handle.

I’m moving over water / to Tasmania – can you still accommodate this move?

Yes, we have specialised guys that can move in and out of Tasmania.