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You are full of excitement as you have just signed the dotted line of the contract to your new home. You are now a First Homebuyer, congratulations! Now before you crack open the champagne and start sending out house warming invitations, start preparing your interstate move for a safe transportation across the border with an experienced furniture removalist Melbourne and the necessary insurance.

Interstate Removals have put together the following packing tips to make for a smoother transition:

Packing supplies

Interstate Removals recommends their customer to go to their local storage facility, for example, Kennards Self Storage. At Kennards they sell packing materials suitable for an interstate move. Instead of using the old newspaper and Kmart catalogue with the chance of ink ruining your possessions, get the best packing materials to ensure your items arrive in the same state they left in.

Take photos of your electronic connections

Unpacking is one thing, let alone figuring out how to reconnect your surround sound home theatre. To have peace of mind when unpacking your jungle of cords and connections, take photos of the connections prior to unplugging. This will give you a guide on how to reconnect them without taking hours upon hours of frustration.

Have a packing strategy

Packing the heavier items on the bottom and the lighter items on the top is very important when moving. This ensures you do not have anything brake or become squashed during the move. It is best to make sure there are not empty spaces in your boxes when packing, if there were to be any spaces this can cause the box to collapse if there are other items above them. We all want the cost of our move to be minimal, therefore avoid having too much vacant space, as the less items you have the cheaper the move.

Label your boxes

To enable an easier unpacking process, label each box clearly with a list of the contents. This will allow you to have the correct boxes placed in the correct room on arrival and have more of an idea where to start unpacking.

Save your money

To minimise your removal costs, start early by putting anything that can go in a box, in a box and anything that can be dismantled, to be dismantled prior to the removalists arriving, for example, all bed frames, shelving and fixtures. The more organised you are in advance, the less work the removalists need to do which enables for a cheaper move. For smaller loads, keep Backloading in mind. When

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