Moving? Congratulations! It’s a big step and one that can be stressful on individuals, businesses, and families! This is why recommend you don’t make the move alone! Why do it yourself when we can do the heavy lifting for you. Just give us a call at our North Sunshine office and chat to us about why you should move with us! Do you need to find furniture removalists Geelong? Interstate Removals can help! We have the know-how and the equipment to get you moved. Here are a few reasons to choose Interstate Removals to help with your move…

With over ten years in the industry, this family-owned and run business have built a reputation as being the best removals company in Australia. Just ask any of our trusted clients! Not only will we get your items moved from your old home to your new home quickly, we will also get them moved safely! And really, what is more important than that? Do you really trust yourself to move delicate and expensive items safely? Do you have the energy and the time to move your Grandmother’s antique couch up and down a staircase safely without causing injury to yourself or the couch? If you are unsure, its best to leave it to the professionals. Our team of removalists are professionally trained, with years of experience moving all sorts of items, both small and large!

We have staff located all across Australia. From Geelong, Melbourne, the Gold Coast, Sydney, the Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Cairns, Hobart, Perth, Bunbury, Brisbane, and every town in between. We will make the long trip so you can focus on the more exciting aspects of moving, like finding the closest cafe to your new place or letting the kids pick their rooms! You may be tempted to hire a truck and move everything yourself, but are you and your family really prepared for a long-distance, interstate drive? You will most likely already be exhausted after packing, why add hours of moving boxes and driving long-distances to your already full plate! Sit back, book some flights, and let us tackle the heavy lifting and potentially treacherous roads.

Ready to get going? Need to organise furniture removal Geelong Not a problem! Call Interstate Removals on 1300 299 969 to chat to our friendly staff, or click here for a fast a accurate quote for your big move! Time to start packing and researching your destination!

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