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Moving Again? Interstate Removals are specialists in interstate removalist home furniture removals. We know our trade well and will perform all parts of the job with pride and care. When customers call Interstate Removals, they will get a competitive quote, professional service and experience. This means the when you’re Moving day comes, the job will be done well and without loss to any of your belongings.

When packing the house up for a big move to a new home, there are a wide variety of tips and tricks offered by well meaning family and friends and even strangers if they are told you are moving. Remembering a few good tips can be the difference in a stress free move. Everyone would prefer a smooth moving experience on both pickup and delivery, the interstate removalist company is the main part of making this happen. Packing one room at a time is a good idea as the family begins the moving process. If you plan to let the movers pack everything, it is a good idea to go through each room and eliminate those items that are not going to be packed. Take them out, sell them or donate them. The packing service the interstate removalists professionals will be much more efficient if this is done ahead of time. If you intend to advance pack things yourself, doing one room at a time will help keep you from becoming overwhelmed with open boxes all over the place.

As each room is packed, mark each box clearly so the movers can place those boxes in the appropriate place at the new house. A time and frustration saving idea when packing is to clearly mark ‘open me first’ boxes that will contain items everyone will look for first when arriving at the new house. For the kitchen, pack a few pans, utensils and the like that will be needed immediately. The bathroom box, perhaps the most important ‘open me first’ marked box, should contain toilet paper, soap and towels to ensure basic needs can be attended to amid the chaos of unpacking and settling into the new home. Bedrooms can have an ‘open me first’ box that contains the particular bedding and pillows a person will need to get some rest on the first night in the new home. A box such as this for the kids is a good idea as well, packing and clearly marking their special items they will need to feel comfortable will help things go smoother as unpacking begins.

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