As in most things, the most important thing is to be prepared.  In the months leading up to your Interstate Move, start collecting boxes and thinking about what you need to take with you.


Getting down to it

  • When you’re packing boxes, be sure to keep them at a comfortable working height.
  • Bending down to ground level all the time can be hard on your back!
  • Stack one carton on top of another, or put it on a table

The right box for the right job

  • Cartons come in all sorts of sizes, and so do your possessions
  • Consider the weight of an object as you’re packing it
  • Put heavier objects in smaller cartons, so that the carton won’t be too heavy to lift
  • Larger cartons should be filled with lots of light objects, so that it can be safely carried
  • Tape the bottom of your carton securely – you don’t want the bottom to fall out while you’re carrying it down the stairs!

Careful, that’s fragile

  • All of your china and glassware items should be individually wrapped in paper, towels or linen.
  • Then stack them securely so that they won’t rattle around in transit
  • Be sure there is padding on all 6 sides of the box, not just the bottom
  • Use your tupperware or other light objects to fill the top half of the box so that it doesn’t get too heavy
  • Fill gaps in the carton with linen or butchers paper to decrease movement within the carton

The Great Unpack

  • Think ahead to when you need to unpack -will you be able to find everything?
  • Group items together, so that a box contains only items from the same room
  • Label the box with the name of the room, so you can drop all the boxes in the right room when you get to your destination
  • Also write a list of what the box contains, so that you can find that missing item later

Packing Tips by Interstate Removals

Label EverythingSpecail Offer! All moves over $500 receive lables for FREE Interstate Removals lables. By labelling every possible item you help make loading and unloading your furniture quick and easy for the removalists and easily identify what’s yours. Fragile items as well as boxes that need to remain upright should also be labelled accordingly as this will assist in their positioning in the truck.

Packing a Plasma – The pride and joy of many lounge rooms Australia wide. If you still have the original box that great however fill the empty space in the box with padding, towels or cushions. Another fantastic option is to purchase lots of bubble wrap and wrap at least four layers around the plasma then tape it tight. Then cut a cardboard box so its flat and cover the bubble wrap with the cardboard box and tape tight.

Remotes – Placing all your remotes and electrical cables in the one box is the best option. Don’t tape this box shut until the end as you will find remotes for things you didn’t even know had one. Taping the remote to each item or putting them in a draw somewhere is not a good idea.

Quality Cardboard Boxes – Use thick, sturdy cardboard cartons along with good quality tape. Cardboard cartons are durable and flex with in transport allowing your good to remain safe. New plastic tubs are okay however old plastic tubs turn brittle and can shatter with a slight bump.

Towels, Pillows & Blankets – Are great to put at the top and bottom of every box. Any fragile items can then be wrapped and placed inside the box ensuring their safe travel.

Dismantling Furniture – should be done in advance with screws and bolts put back in their original place of origin. Another alternative is to place them all in a strong small material bag then taped with lots of tape to the item. Plastic bags filled with screws and bolts is not recommended as one little tear and their gone.

Chest of Draws, Buffets, Cabinets, & Wardrobes – should be empty and taped closed. Yes empty! Not a little bit empty but totally empty. Taping each door and draw on your furniture avoids the draws and doors flying open and helps the removalists while loading and unloading.

Suitcases – are made to hold your cloths so use them for this and save space and money.

Documents, Jewellery & Money – should be carried with you during your move.

Packing Material – extra boxes, tape, markers and labels should be on hand just in case.

Sharp Objects – should be wrapped with padding to avoid damage to other goods.

Microwave – take out the plate

Box Sizes??

Standard Carton: 62cm h x 47cm w x 44cm d

Book Carton: 40cm h x 32 cm w x 44 cm d

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