Experienced and long standing, Furniture Removalists Interstate Removals wants to share its experience and tips with you….

1) Throw it – If you’re not sure of taking it or if you think it’s not worth it you’re right! The less room in the truck you take the less you pay.

Tip: Now Guys… I know you think you need it but you could probably buy it at a garage sale for less than the cost of moving it.

2) Box it – As space is what you’re paying for, boxing most of your goods will take up less space and also be safer for your valuables.

Tip: Use good quality cardboard boxes to pack your things in, as flimsy boxes can result in… well you know 🙁

3) Pack it – Packing your own boxes and flat packing your own furniture is a huge saving. For a removalist to unscrew a bed would cost $100 per hour where if you did the work all it would cost is your time and possibly some bad language #+@%!!!

Tip: Now remember! Put heavy things in small boxes and light things in big boxes and if you can’t lift it neither can we.

4) Ground it – If your furniture is above ground you can ask friends to help bring it to ground level saving you $$$ as access charges are applicable as it takes the guys longer to carry things up and down stairs.

Tip: Then again if you’re like me I’d rather pay the guys to do it.

5) Check Access – Many trucks in the removal industry are BIG! Check street accessibility with weight limits, over hanging trees or even steep inclines can incur extra charges.

Tip: The more information you provide with access issues the better and easier things flow for your move.

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