Updated 16th March 2020

Professional Furniture Movers 5 Top Tips

  1. Throw it – All professional furniture movers know if you’re not sure if something is worth taking, then you’re right!  The less room you use in the truck, the less you pay.
    Often, you could replace the item at a garage sale for less than the cost of moving it.
  2. Box it – You’re paying for space, so box up your good to use less space.  It’s also safer for your valuables!
    Use good quality cardboard boxes, as flimsy boxes may result in damage to your property.
  3. Pack it– Packing your own boxes and flat-packing your own furniture can be a huge saving.  A removalist may charge you $100/hour to unscrew your bed, but if you do it yourself, it only costs your own time (and perhaps some bad language!)
    Remember to pack fewer heavy things in smaller boxes, and more light things in bigger boxes.  This ensures that all boxes can be carried safely.
  4. Ground it– If your furniture is above ground, you can ask your friends to help bring it down to ground level.  This can save you $$$ as you’ll pay your removalists for the extra time it takes to go up and down the stairway.
    (Then again, if you’re like me, I’d rather pay someone else to do that!)
  5. Check Access – Many trucks in the removal industry are BIG!  Check street accessibility with weight limits, over-hanging trees, and even steep inclines.
    The more information you provide your removalist before they show up the better and easier things flow for your move!

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