Moving from Adelaide to Melbourne

Melbourne to Adelaide? Country Victoria to Country South Australia?

Interstate Removal Company Interstate Removals now offer a twice weekly service Moving from Adelaide to Melbourne, South Australia & Melbourne, Victoria. This includes and is not limited to all country Victoria and South Australia towns in between. Just let us know where your wanting to move to and we will work out the rest.

Interstate Removals Offer;

1. A complete and timely move to Melbourne, Adelaide or any regional town or city in SA / VIC.
2. An affordable removalist service that does not compromise on service or quality.
3. Professional trained staff using the latest equipment and transporting procedures to ensure the safe and on-time arrival of your furniture, household goods or office equipment.
4. A modern fleet of Removals trucks ensuring reliability and delivery times.
5. Motorcycle Transport through Motorbike Movers

With many years experience as Interstate Removalists, we understand the stress and pressure of moving your worldly possessions to another state. Our experienced staff can help alleviate much of this stress by helping you organise your move and ensuring that everything that should be done has been done. There is a huge difference in moving interstate than moving to another suburb. Whether you are a single or a family, moving interstate requires careful planning and professional movers.

Recommendations For Moving Interstate:
1. Retain an experienced firm of Interstate Removalists who are both Reliable AND Affordable
2. Keep all valuables and paperwork with you at all times.
Redirect your mail via Australia Post
4. Power, Gas, Phone, Internet all need to be cancelled & reconnected at the new premises
5. Arrange moving boxes, bubble wrap etc. Start packing ASAP with what you use least. Ask Interstate Removals about their range of packing supplies.
6. Attend to Drivers License, Passport, Banking, Insurance, Schools etc sooner than later.
7. Double check on the insurance coverage on the new premises. If there is an alarm system make sure you know the codes. If the premises you are vacating have an alarm system make sure the real estate agent has the codes.
8. Make sure you leave nothing behind on moving day. After you do your final check do another one. Make sure you check cupboards, wardrobes, high shelving, sheds, under the house.
9. It’s always a good idea to get a locksmith to change locks on the new premises.
10. If there are any antiques or items of furniture that will require special attention discuss these with your Removalist well before moving day.

Moving From Adelaide To Melbourne

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