Tips for moving interstate

Moving interstate involves a lot more planning than moving within your suburb or city. Every day Aussies are Transporting their furniture Interstate to set up a new home.

By creating a packing plan you can ensure your belongings are packed into the truck so they can be conveniently unpacked upon arrival.

You will most likely need some of your items as soon as you arrive and by packing them last you have saved hours of searching through boxes.

The easiest way to achieve this is by labeling your boxes by importance with a permanent marker.

Make sure you have all of your moving supplies before you begin packing, you will definitely need: plenty of boxes, tape, bubble wrap, permanent markers and newspaper.

Keep your essential items with you at all times, by having them on you already you will be all set for your first night in your new home.

These items include: your toothbrush, towels, pillows, face wash, blankets, chargers, cleaning supplies and any other items you know you are going to need during or soon after the move.

You might also want to keep snacks and pet food close by just in case.

By packing your items well and with a detailed plan you will help lower some of the stress commonly involved in moving.

Take your time and organise the boxes. There is nothing worse than tossing everything in a box then reaching your new home and having to organise it there.

Don’t forget about turning off the utilities at your old location. You should do this as soon as possible to save more money on your bills.

Make sure your utilities will be available as soon as you reach your new home; you don’t want to get there and have to spend the night in a dark room without a shower.

Interstate Removals are experts in moving long distances and can help you with all of your removalists needs.

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