Moving interstate? Host a packing party!

Moving Interstate Removals

As stressful as moving interstate can be, it’s a good opportunity to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in months and probably won’t see for years after your relocation. The thought of helping someone else move house might seem uninviting, but what if there’s free furniture, clothes and other secondhand treasures up for grabs? Try enticing some friends over with nibbles, drinks and first dibs on freebies – in exchange for a hearty meal and handouts, your mates can help you prepare for your big move interstate. Here are some packing guidelines to get the party started:

Big box, little box

If it fits in a box, it belongs in one. It’s easier to move and transport boxes and cartons than oddly shaped objects and loose items. Put books and heavier items in smaller packing boxes so they’re easier to lift. Fill gaps and cover sharp corners with towels, clothes and other materials to minimise movement in transit. The golden rule: heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top. Remember to keep hazardous materials like paint, bleach and aerosols together and separate from any valuables.

Taping packing boxes

Resist the temptation to use flaky masking tape from two moves ago. Invest in sturdy packing tape around 5cm in width. In addition to sealing cardboard boxes, tape comes in handy for keeping keys, remote controls and electrical chords together with equipment so they don’t get lost. Zip lock bags are also useful for keeping nuts, bolts and screws together and taped to furniture. If you find packing tape leaves a sticky residue – depending on the surface – it can be easily removed with alcohol.

Labelling packing boxes

Start with the name of the room and list items (or general descriptions) of contents. Michael Jackson Thriller album 1983 is probably overkill – suffice to say ‘CDs’. If contents are fragile or the carton needs to be loaded in a particular way, be sure to specify which way up. Aim to keep boxes from the same room together, as this will make unpacking an easier process. Adequate labelling will also prevent opening packing boxes before you know where they’re going.

Survival box

It’s a good idea to have a box with essentials for your first night in your new home. Pack a first aid kit, toilet paper, coffee, tea, kettle, a few plates, some cutlery, a couple of cups, a torch and a tea towel…Never underestimate the power of a tea towel! You might like to designate a similar box for important documents like birth certificates, insurance policies and medical records that can be easily accessed at a moment’s notice.  

After your guests have left with some unwanted items you’ll have a better idea of your load size. Call Interstate Removals for a free quote and we’ll talk you through your options for interstate removalists and the benefits of backloading your furniture. You look after your packing party and we’ll take care of the rest!

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