Moving To Gladstone

With its booming employment prospects, A Move To Gladstone is a very good idea indeed. Located in central Queensland and close to the Lower Bowen Basin, Gladstone includes industries such as aluminium, Coal and other mining related resources. Current business operating in Gladstone includes QAL, Rio Tinto Alcan Tarwun and NRG Powerstation. QAL has been operating in Gladstone for 42 years and is considered one of the world’s largest alumina refineries. Employment opportunities such as riggers, scaffolders, crane operators, electricians and tradesman all assist in producing world’s best smelter grade alumina.

A booming regional economy combined with the region’s world-class beaches, numerous community facilities and ease of access to the Great Barrier Reef and untouched national parks has encouraged many new families to Move To Gladstone region. Our increasingly diverse population has seen a shift in consumer requirements who now demand industry and businesses to provide better quality, choice and experience comparable to any of the capital cities. The Gladstone Regional Council has stepped up by investing in local projects that provide residents a lifestyle any Australian would be proud of.

Many new residents are deciding to organise an Interstate Removal and set up and become a part of the new community in Gladstone. Weather you decide to stay six or twelve months it is worth doing the move with a removalist such as Interstate Removal. They offer Backloading from each capital city and deliver to Gladstone on a weekly basis.

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