Moving to Sydney from Interstate

Moving to Sydney

Next time you are moving house from Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane or even as far north as Cairns to move to Sydney – give the professional Removals a call. Interstate Removals can move your furniture to Sydney from almost anywhere in Australia.

Moving to Sydney can be an exciting positive move. One thing to keep in mind is to check access to the property as stairs, lifts, one way streets and trees may affect the Removalists Costs. One example is if your delivery address is to a 3rdstory apartment that has stairs. This will take the guys longer to deliver and should be quoted by your Removals company of choice so you know where you stand. Areas such as Mosman, Surry Hills and Paddington could be suburbs where access needs to be discussed.

Lets tick off the following access questions:

  • Does our delivery address in Sydney have truck/semi trailer access?
  • Is delivery on ground level?
  • Are there any weight limits for trucks entering our street?
  • Are there low laying trees?
  • Can the truck park?

The above questions are usually very easily answered by asking friends or neighbours if you’re not sure or even consulting Google maps.

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