13 Feb


By / Troy Said

Moving Interstate does requier extra preperation so here are some tips to help yo:

Don’t disconnect the Phone until the day after pickup, and leave your mobile on all the time.

Don’t move your goods outside to help the driver if the truck is not there yet. If an unforeseen delay occurs (e.g, an accident), you may have an additional unwelcome problem to deal with.

Please do have someone responsible to check that nothing is left behind, it is your responsibility, not the drivers, to ensure that everything has been moved.

Remove anything you need for your own trip, keys, tickets etc before the removalists arrive to make sure they are not accidentally loaded onto the truck.

Try to park two well-spaced cars out the front to reserve a spot for the removal truck.

Do not water plants on removal day, as the water may leak onto your belongings.

Be contactable at all times throughout your move.


Troy Said

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