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By / Troy Said

3 Tips to Home Styling After Moving House

Moving house is the perfect opportunity to overhaul your home decor and start fresh. Think of your new abode as a blank canvas: a chance to reinvent your surroundings while striking a balance between style and practicality. Resist the temptation to return your furniture and decorations to their previous configuration after the furniture removalist Brisbane has unpacked the truck – this is your chance to recreate your living space and step out of your styling comfort zone. Here’s how:

1. Determine each room’s purpose
If you’re moving into a rental, chances are you’ve only seen the place once during inspection, so until you return you might not have a clear idea about which room will be setup for what purpose. Before unpacking, decide how each room will be used. For recreational/living areas, determine if they’ll be used to study, entertain or relax. You can then decide which furniture, accessories and electrical equipment are needed to make the space functional.

2. Inject personality
Don’t feel forced into the confines of styling categories like vintage, contemporary, nautical, oriental or country. Need inspiration? Invest in home styling magazines and take notes on what you do and don’t like. Once you have an idea that reflects your personal style, evaluate how your existing furniture and home wares will serve this theme; do they fit with your proposed design? With the money you save selecting Interstate Removals as your furniture removalist Brisbane, shout yourself some feature pieces for each room that will act as the foundation of your style overhaul.

3. Select colour palette
Choosing to add colour to more permanent features like floors and walls can be problematic and costly down the track if you decide to change décor again in six months. Begin to introduce a unified colour palette after all the furniture has been arranged through less permanent fixtures like lamps, cushions, floor coverings, wall hangings and feature chairs.

Thinking of overhauling your dated or dysfunctional furniture before moving? Call Interstate Removals and inquire about Brisbane backloading for smaller loads, as well as our price beat guarantee for moving larger houses to get you into your new home with a kiddy of saved cash for new DIY styling projects.


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