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By / Troy Said

4 ways to make your new home feel more permanent after a move

If you’re someone who moves around a lot, it can be difficult to create a sense of home in the places you are living.

Thankfully, even if you know you won’t be staying in your current home long-term, there are some things you can do to give it more of a sense of permanence with pieces that you can pack up and move with you when it’s time to move on!

Here are 4 home furnishings for people on the move.

1. A large, detailed piece of furniture

One larger-scale piece of furniture like an antique lounge chair or couch is guaranteed to give any space a sense of permanence.

home furnishing antique chair

If your space lacks architectural detail, choose a piece that is rich in detail to make up for what space is missing. The beauty of only having one of these pieces is that you only have one of them to move!

2. A piece of art

If you are a fan of original artworks, whether it is paintings, sculpture, pottery, ceramics, or glass art, it is well worth considering purchasing some to make the place you are living in feel like your own.

And don’t forget, art is a long-term investment!

3. Clever clothing storage

Portable clothing racks are the perfect solution for when you are short of cupboard or closet space.

Choose a sturdy and attractive looking clothing rack and show off your best looking items on it! If you do have closet space, but no drawers, find some stand-alone storage boxes that you can tuck inside the closet itself! Remember, if you end up moving to a place with more clothing storage, you can also use these items in the laundry room, or even as a coat rack!

4. Colourful rugs and light furniture

Woven rugs are a cheap and colourful way to lighten up an entire room with very little effort.

rug home furnishing moving house

Use them alone in small rooms or layer them on top of larger rugs in a bigger space! Head to Kmart or Ikea for some trendy and lightweight pieces of furniture. This will make each move a whole lot easier!

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Troy Said

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