09 Jul


By / Troy Said

Access on Moving

Is access on pick up and delivery okay for the removalist?

Its one question many customers overlook or just forget about. With all the other stresses with moving its very easy to overlook such an issue however advising your removalist about access may save you time and money.

As most Interstate Moves are picked up by large trucks access is one this that needs to be discussed.

Lets look at some points that we should check:

  • Is pick up or delivery ground level ?
  • Can the truck park close to the house/apartment?
  • Is there height restrictions on pick up or delivery?
  • Does the street have room for a truck?
  • Is the driveway too step for a truck?

All of the above questions should be asked and answered before pick up day. This will give the removalistthe opportunity to quote and bring sufficient men and vehicles to complete the job.

Troy Said

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