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Back Loads

What is a Back load?

Backloading is a word often used throughout the Furniture Removals Industry It means a truck has a trip planned but does not have a full load. As there is some space available a backload would be offered at a reduced rate to fill that space and get the truck on its way.  As the space would have remained empty without the Backload so its often given at a cheaper rate and will save you money. In other words, with Backloading you only pay for the space your furniture takes up on the truck. One thing to keep in minds is that Backloading is that delivery dates can only be given as an estimate as the truck will have to do other deliveries as well as yours.

Some people worry about their furniture on the truck with others goods however it is a safe option. As all furniture will be wrapped in blankets and sectioned off the load will not be mixed up so there is no need for concern however if you are worried and want to take out Moving Insurance then that is an option open to you. Back Load is widely used for all Furniture Mover small or large

Back Load

Nearly all Removals Companies are Backloading these days as the rising cost of fuel and labour encourages business to work smarter and utilise their trucks to the highest capacity. If you would like to have a whole truck for your move only then that can be arranged and quoted for but would cost more than a Back load. Options for obtaining a quote for a small Backload Quote

If your wanting a full house move and prefer to fill in a more detailed Inventory List Large Backload Quotes.

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