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By / Troy Said

Guide to moving in winter

Decided to make the move from steaming hot Darwin to icy Melbourne in the middle of winter? Brrrr! You’re sure in for a change. Luckily Interstate Removals are here and ready to help with your chilly move. Here is our guide to moving in winter:

1. Organise utilities in your new home
Before moving day, make sure you have the electricity and gas set up in your new home. This is the case for any move, but it’s essential when you are transitioning from long warm days to cold, windy nights. To avoid being stuck in a freezing, dark house call ahead to organise a transfer with your utilities company.

2. Travel safe and warm
Once you have decided how you are travelling, you can start planning your trip. Driving through the night can get quite cold, particularly in the southern states. Does your vehicle have heating? Do you need to bring a blanket for the kids? If you are driving, make sure you have your vehicle serviced no longer than a week beforehand. There is nothing worse than breaking down in the middle of nowhere on a cold, dark night.

3. Pack smart
Before you begin packing, sort your clothes into summer and winter piles. Consider the weather in your new home and decide whether you will need all of your summer clothes. Think about either donating or selling unwanted items. Once you are ready to pack, check the weather for moving day. Ensure you leave your warmer clothing at the top of boxes so they will be easily accessible when you arrive in your new city.

4. Leave out some warm items
Make sure you have enough warm clothing to wear during the move. Check the weather before moving day, but be prepared for any unexpected changes!

Don’t be scared of the cold, just prepare for it! If you’re looking for backloading moving companies interstate, look no further. Interstate Removals will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. Give our friendly staff a call today on 1300 299 969 and let us help you with winter move.


Troy Said

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