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11 ways living in a smaller home will improve your life

Thinking about downsizing? The kids have flown the coop, you’ve tossed out the trinket collection and now you feel there’s too much room. It might be time to move into a smaller, more manageable home, and with Interstate Removals cheap removalist quotes, you can expect to get it done for an unbeatable price you’ll love. Here are 11 ways moving into a smaller home will improve your quality of living:

Less cleaning=more free time
Do you spend your entire weekend cleaning? Smaller homes require less cleaning, which equals more free time for you to get out of the house to catch up with friends or explore a new hobby.

It’s harder to hoard
Is your current home packed to the rafters with stuff you never use? Moving into a smaller home is a great way to eliminate clutter. Whether it’s kids’ high school report cards or Aunt Wanda’s creepy doll collection, downsizing is an excellent way to sort the belongings you need and want, from those you really don’t.

Bothersome bills
If you’re sick of ridiculous electricity bills, a smaller home will be cheaper to heat in winter and more affordable to cool in summer. This means you can also feel good about decreasing your environmental footprint.

Less maintenance
Let go of the shovel, pack up the paint brushes and put your feet up.If you feel like you spend every spare minute maintaining the house, only to find you reach the end of the list for something else to fall apart, a smaller home could be the answer to a considerably smaller to-do list.

Inner-city living
The ‘burbs were a great place to raise the kids, but now the house is practically empty and you’re still driving an hour to and from work in the city. If you move to an inner-city apartment, the kids might even drop by occasionally.

Smaller mortgage payments with less financial risk
Generally speaking, smaller homes cost less to purchase, which means you’ll pay it off faster and can start scheduling an annual holiday sooner. What’ll it be – Thailand or France?

Easier to get around
Walking up and down stairs in a large home can be particularly hazardous as you get older. If there’s nothing tying you to your two-story home, make the move into a smaller dwelling while you’re still able-bodied and well enough to take on the feat of moving house.

If you’ve got downsizing in your sights, call us for a cheap removalist quote on 1300 299 969. With 10+ years experience moving families, elderly, students, couples and individuals, we understand the varying needs of these moves and how to make your transition as smooth and affordable as possible.


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