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Furniture Moves Planning

Planning Your Furniture Removals 

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Planning your furniture move to coincide with settlement or lease dates can be difficult. We are at the mercy of Agents, previous tenants and owners to get possession of property when agreed. Most people do not know that If a tenant fails to vacate a propery on the date agreed the agent must seek posession through a rental tribunal. This process can take between 2-6 weeks. Its less common for a settlement to suffer lengthy delays due to the large financial burdens however a delay of a day in settlements is very common. Due to the above reasons Interstate Removals would recommend having a few days buffer from pick up and delivery to avoid the stress and possible extra cost due to delays.

Lets look at an example: James books his move from Melbourne to Perth with settlement on his property in WA to take place 25th June 2010. The settlement is delayed and does not take place as expected on Friday 25th June and will now be delayed to Monday 28th June at best. If the removalists are ready to deliver on the 25th June and James has instructed that he needs delivery on the 25th the removalist may request extra payment for waiting around the extra few days.

Moving Tip: It’s best to discuss delivery dates and transit times with the removal company and discuss scenarios if a delay was to take please. This could help save you a lot of stress and avoid you extra costs.

Download our planning checklist We hope this helps you with planning your move.

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