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By / Troy Said

Furniture Removals & Feng Shui

Yep, you read correctly. Furniture removals and Feng Shui!

They’re not two concepts normally associated with each other, but there’s one thing they do have in common: moving house. If you’ve ever moved house before you’ll recall the stress and anxiety that comes with turning your home inside out, having it packed into the back of a removalist truck and shipped to your new address, only to have to deal with the chaos again at the other end.

This is where Feng Shui comes into play…

Before you even think about putting things into packing boxes, consider if you really want or need them. You don’t want to clutter your new space with senseless possessions; the stronger the connection you have with your belongings, the better your Feng Shui energy will be apparently.

Now that you’ve minimised your load to a sensible size, you’ve got a more accurate idea of how much you need to move and can start looking for competitive furniture removal quotes.

After you’ve finally arrived at your new home, but before the furniture removalists are ready to unload, have a think about where you want the removalists to put everything. The bedroom is your space for relaxation and escaping technology, so leave the plasma television, x-trainer and computer to the office and living areas.

If the house has been vacant for some time, open the windows – the quality of air in the bedroom is vital to positive Feng Shui. Add some lamps to bedside tables, as various levels of lighting are conducive to a calm environment. Make sure any mirrors are facing away from the bed, as this is a huge Feng Shui no no! Plants in the bedroom are also frowned upon, but the good news is you can put them in the office.

Your home office should be an environment in which you feel productive and creative, and it should ideally be as far away from your bedroom as possible. To avoid double handling, ask the furniture removalists to place your desk in a Feng Shui commanding position – when you’re working your back should not be facing the door. For quality, fresh air, add some air-purifying plants.

If Feng Shui is all a bit airy-fairy for you, stick to the basic principle of creating a living space that invigorates you, sustains your energy and makes you feel content, which is exactly what we strive for here at Interstate Removals with our extensive list of professional contractors.

Chat with one of our friendly staff today about your furniture removals needs. Ask about our backloading quotes and let us know if you’d like us to drop off some packing supplies. We’re not all experts in Feng Shui, but we sure know a thing or two about local and interstate furniture removals! :o)


Troy Said

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