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Guide to moving with teenagers

Are you looking for reliable and professional interstate movers? Look no further! Interstate Removals are here to help! With over a decade in the removals business, Interstate Removals have built a reputation as the best, the fastest, and the cheapest in the industry! We understand all of the ins-and-outs of the removals process and just how tough it can be on our customers. This is why we are willing to do whatever it takes to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible. We even know how difficult it can be moving with teenagers, which is why we have compiled a guide for doing just that! Here is our guide to moving with teenagers:

Communication is key!
Keeping communication between you and your teen regarding the move is essential from the time you begin to even think about moving until you have settled into your new place. The sooner you tell your daughter or son about the move, the more time they will have to process and become comfortable with the idea. Keeping the move a secret until the last minute is a recipe for disaster. Teenagers generally hate being treated like children, so try to talk openly with them about why the move is necessary. Encourage conversation regarding the move, including questions and discussion about your new location, schools, and any extracurricular activities your child may be interested in. This process will allow your teenager to express any concerns out loud, rather than bottling them up inside.

Get everyone involved
Prepare for the move as a family. From choosing a moving date, to researching schools, neighbourhoods, and a home, teenagers will appreciate being a part of the decision making process. Take them to house inspections and school open days and encourage them to become excited about this big change. Once it’s time to start packing up your house, make sure you do it together. This can be an emotional process and it is an important step for your teenager to say ‘good-bye’ to their old home.

Allow them to say their ‘good-byes’

While it is important to encourage your teenager to become excited about the move, it is also important that you give them the opportunity to say good-bye to their old home, school, and friends. Go to all of their favourite places together and encourage them to take part in their favourite activities for a final time in the lead up to the move. Ask if they want to have a going away party and if they do organise a small get together with their closest friends and family. Encourage them to give their friends any new contact details and assure them that you’ll be back to visit.

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