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Guide to packing musical instruments for your move

Packing is arguably the most tedious and stressful aspect of moving. How should things be packed? Do I need to buy packing materials? How do I ensure all my belongings are packed safely? Where do I begin? These are all questions you may be asking yourself before your big move, particularly if you have fragile and or valuable items to move. Are you looking for reliable and professional cheap movers Brisbane to Melbourne? Look no further! Interstate Removals are here to help! With over a decade in the removals business, the Interstate Removals team are experts at moving items across the country safely, even musical instruments! To ensure yours will be moved safely there are safe packing measures that should be followed. Here is our guide to packing musical instruments for your move:

Pianos, keyboards, and organs
The professional team at Interstate Removals are experts at moving all sorts of heavy items, including pianos, keyboards, and organs, but there are still a few things you can do before the move to ensure the safe transport of you instrument. To begin with, close the lid and if possible, lock it. Take off any removable parts such as the music stand. Finally wrap the instrument in bubble wrap, secured with packing tape and then add an additional padding layer of blankets and towels. If possible, use extra padding on the legs.

Classical stringed instruments such as cello, violin, and viola are the most fragile of all instruments, which means they can be difficult to move. Their delicate nature means that even slight bumps on the road could damage bows, bridges, and necks and changing weather may warp and crack the wood. To protect your instrument, loosen its strings to ensure temperature won’t put any strain on them. Also ensure you loosen your bow’s hair. If you don’t own a good quality travel hard case for your instrument, it’s time to purchase one. For extra protection, wrap your instrument in cloth before placing it in it’s case. Don’t use packing peanuts or shredded paper though, these materials may get stuck inside your instrument.

Brass and woodwind
While brass and woodwind instruments are generally sturdier than stringed instruments, any small damage can still destroy the instrument’s sound. To prevent any dents and scratches, take the entire instrument apart and wrap each piece in bubble wrap. Again, if you don’t own a hard case, it’s time to purchase one.

Piano? Strings? Woodwinds? Brass? We are ready to help you move it! Need to find cheap movers Brisbane to Melbourne? Give our friendly team a call on 1300 299 969 today. Too busy to call right now? No problem! Just click here for a fast and accurate quote for your move.

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