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Guide to settling in after your interstate move

Moving interstate? How exciting! Moving to another state is a huge step for anyone and will likely bring with it a lifestyle change. This can be overwhelming at first, but there are a few ways to ensure you settle into your new city quickly and naturally. Are you stressing out about finding quality cheap movers Brisbane to Melbourne? Stop stressing right away! Interstate Removals have a solution! With over ten years in the business, we have perfected the art of removals! We specialise in full truck loads, 4 bedroom moves, large moves, small moves, and even backloading! From Brisbane, to Melbourne, Sydney to Hobart, Perth to the Adelaide, and everywhere in between. Our staff are experts at what they do and they are willing to go the distance to get your things moved! Here is our guide to settling in after your move:

Look for employment or begin studying!
An important part of settling into your new home is having something to do when you’re not at home. Whether it is work, study, play, or another professional venture, having something to do every day will allow everything else to settle in around your routine and give you a sense of emotional stability. Finding employment will also give you a sense of financial stability.

Make some new friends!
Moving interstate will most likely mean leaving good friends behind. Try to keep in touch with them whether it be via phone or online, but also make an effort to make some new friends! There are lots of ways to meet new people, whether it be at work, university, in your neighbourhood, yoga class, the local park, or at the kids’ school events. Keep your options open and try to make some meaningful new connections. Making new friends will help you feel less isolated and build your sense of community.

Get to know your area
If you have the money, become familiar with your local cafes and restaurants. If you are on a strict budget, pack a picnic and go to your local park. Take your dog for a walk around neighbourhood every day. The sooner you become familiar with your new neighbourhood, the less you’ll be staring at your iPhone GPS!

Find a good GP, dentist, and vet
For your peace of mind, know who to call during difficult situations! Find a GP, dentist, and vet that you trust! If you don’t know where to begin, ask your neighbours or workmates for recommendations!

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