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Moving from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast

Tired of the unpredictable weather, ice-cold winters and over-priced hipster cafes in Melbourne? Perhaps you’ve decided to start your own family and settle down somewhere a little more peaceful. Or, maybe it’s the opposite; the kids are grown up and you’ve decided to sell the Melbourne house and skip town. Sunshine Coast is a beautiful place, however it’s a long way from Victoria. Interstate Removals offer simple solutions to bridge the geography gap, with removal services between Melbourne and Sunshine Coast. With 10+ years experience, we have a few tips for house removal Melbourne to Sunshine Coast to get you started:

Create a list
Write a checklist by walking through each room in your house and jot down every item you plan to take for your house removal Melbourne to Sunshine Coast. Creating an accurate inventory eliminates the chance of expensive and inconvenient mistakes. If you aren’t careful, you may end up paying for an entire truck, when you could be using leftover space in someone else’s. If you don’t need an entire truck, backloading will save you money while reducing your carbon emissions. Too busy to write a list? Give Interstate Removals a call and we’ll send one of our staff over to do it for you.

Start the packing party
At Interstate Removals we’re here to help you with every step of your house removal Melbourne to Sunshine Coast, and we plan to do it in the fastest, most secure, and affordable way possible. In fact, we will even help with packing. Once you’ve completed your inventory, you are ready to begin packing your items. The good news is that we deliver packaging supplies to your doorstep. Even better, our moving professionals can assist you with itemising and packing belongings. We also offer a range of storage and insurance options, so no matter what you decide to take to the Sunshine Coast, whether it be furniture, boxes of books or your surfboard, we’ll make sure you’re ready for a smooth transition.

Get moving
You’ve packed up your life and you’re ready to head north. From experience, moving can be emotionally and physically taxing work. Even after we’ve taken care of your packing, you still have to clean your home or rental, update details, and organise ‘bon voyage’ drinks with Melbourne friends. After all this, do you really think you’ll have the stamina to drive interstate? It’s no easy feat! Shout yourself a cheap airfare and let us take care of transporting your vehicle to Queensland for you.

Call Interstate Removals today on 1300 299 969 to find out which parts of your moving journey we can help with to get you ready for your exciting new life on the coast.


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