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How to guarantee a smoother move with your family state to state

Moving interstate – particularly with a big family – can be an emotionally draining experience for everyone.

While you’re doing your best to tick items off the packing checklist and make sure everything runs like clockwork, don’t forget to consider the needs and concerns of the more vulnerable members of the family.

That’s right: we’re talking about kids, pets and the elderly.


These little guys might seem fine and dandy on the surface, but like young children and elderly grandparents, they’re probably having a difficult time taking it all in. 

To minimise the stress caused by their slowly disappearing surroundings and reduce the chance of them escaping moments before you head off, keep pets confined to a separate room or in the garage so they’re not overwhelmed by mysteriously disappearing moving boxes and strange burly men in blue overalls.

And when it comes to the big drive in the car, keep your pets in a container.


Communication is key. The effects of moving house state to state depend on the child’s age. Infants needs only be safe and comfortable during the move and have clearly labelled packing boxes for easy access to medical supplies and daily necessities. 

Moving interstate may come as a shock to older children who have established school friends and social networks. Not only are they going to be separated from these people, but their daily routine is also going to undergo dramatic changes. It’s therefore best to introduce the subject as early as possible so they have time to adjust and accept the changes. With time, some of the anxiety will turn into excitement for the adventure ahead!   


If you’ve living with an elderly relative who’ll be making the move interstate it’s important to plan ahead. 

They too have likely established trusted social networks with respite centres, hairdressers, corner stores and doctors, so it’s important to research ahead of time and find out what facilities are available near your new home that will get them back into their weekly routine as quickly as possible. 

Grandparents are renowned for hiding family heirlooms and treasures in their dressing tables: antique vases, mirrors, dolls and chinaware are just the beginning. We suggest creating boxes for all their precious items.

(Read more about how to move with elderly folks here).

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