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How to move with elderly folks

If you’re like most people helping older adults move, it can be physically and emotionally tough for everyone, especially the elderly.

Moving across states and time zones is no different.

Follow the road to a positive relocation process for you and your senior friend or relative by following these five tips.

Tip 1:

Resist criticizing. Their housekeeping might not be up to your standard. Try and remember they don’t have your eyesight let alone your stamina.

Listen to them reminisce. Understand there may be some emotional attachment to their possessions. It’s an important part of the process.

Tip 2:

Avoid moving with too much stuff. If possible, take your elderly loved one to their new place to get a better understanding of its size.

Keeping things as simple as possible – like moving less items – is a good start. It will help the transition better.

Tip 3:

Evaluate items into six piles. If you choose to help your elderly loved one pack away their things, divying things into these piles will again make the move easier:

– the new home
– storage
– donation
– selling
– throwing away
– to keep in the family.

Tip 4:

Make the new place feel just like home, by replicating its smallest details.

Take pictures of the way your elderly person displayed their photos before so that you can set it up at the new place just like it’s always been. This simple act can go a long way to easing them into their new surrounds.

Tip 5:

If letting go of certain possessions is causing tension between you and your elderly person, your patience will pay off. Move first, store what’s needed, and purge later.

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