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How to spend your first night in your new house

Moving houses is a big deal. Moving interstate is an even bigger deal! Moving is a huge change, not just location-wise, but emotionally too, which is why you should pay some thought to how you are going to settle into your new home on the night of your arrival. Are you thinking about moving house state to state? Need a hand getting there? Look no further! Interstate Removals are here to help! With over a decade in the industry, we have the equipment and the know-how to get your belongings to your destination safely, quickly, and affordably. Just say the word! Here is our guide to spending the first night in your new home:

The first night in your new home can be a strange experience. You may feel a little scared, overwhelmed, or just plain excited. Then, add to the experience a mixture of stress and physical and mental fatigue. After your big day of moving you may be in for a bit of a rough night. This is why it is important to be prepared for your first night. A first night checklist is a great way to ensure you settle in as quickly and smoothly as possible.

The first thing to check off you list should be unpacking your ‘essentials’ box. This box should be kept with you at all times during the move and should contain any essentials you will need on the first night in your house. Things included might be medications, toiletries, bottled water, clothing, children’s and pet’s neccessities, and tools for opening boxes and setting up your new place.

Bedroom and bathroom
Once you’ve unpacked your moving survival kit, it’s time to set up your bed. After a long day of moving you are going to need a good rest. Even if all of your bedding hasn’t arrived at your new place, ensure you will at least have a mattress to sleep on. Next, set up any necessary toiletries, towels, and anything you need to have a nice warm shower and brush your teeth.

Be prepared
Be prepared for everything that can go wrong to go wrong! You can’t control everything, but you can be prepared. Children, pets, and relocation anxiety are all things that you should think about before moving night. Children and pets are particularly sensitive when comes to a change in environment and will need constant care and reassurance during the first night in your new home. It is also important to take care of yourself during the first night in your new home as you may begin to experience relocation anxiety and depression.

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