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How to turn your new house into your new home

Moving day is lurking and you’re starting to feel sentimental. You know it’s time for a change, but you can’t imagine your new house feeling like home. Interstate Removals can help organise reputable interstate removalists Melbourne to get you moving ASAP,and with these 5 tips to turn your new house into a welcoming home you’ll be settled in no time:

1.  Embrace change
Say goodbye to your old place with a farewell party. This closure will help you come to terms with the fact that change is an exciting and celebratory occasion. Don’t compare your new home to your old home and focus on the all the things it does have,rather than what it doesn’t.

2.  It won’t happen overnight
Give yourself time to settle in and make new friends, but don’t avoid spending time at home. Enjoy your new environment doing the things you love like gardening, reading, cooking and DIY projects.

3.  Make it your own
Get creative with decorating your new home and experiment with belongings in ways they’ve never been displayed before. Whether you’re bringing old furniture and decorations or starting fresh, create a home so cozy it makes it hard to leave on a Friday night.

4.  Mood and ambience
You may not be a Feng Shui follower, but creating a sense of ambience in your home will encourage you to spend more time there, and lighting is an easy way to create this warmth and atmosphere – so get rid of fluorescent lights and invest in lamps. Playing your favourite upbeat music will also help create new memories inspired by your new home.

5.  Friends and family
Don’t be a stranger! Once you’ve settled in, invite friends, family, and neighbours around to inject life into the home. Showing off your new environment is a fantastic way to feel a sense of belonging while creating fresh memories at the same time.

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