18 May


By / Troy Said

Interstate Furniture Removals Success

Interstate Furniture Removals Success with FREE lables 

Since its introduction this year managing director Troy Said from Interstate Removals says sending its customers labels to sticker each item of furniture has been well received. Once our customers book and pay their deposit a moving pack is sent containing useful information for their Interstate Removal and labels with their details to ensure each piece of furniture is clearly marked. The feedback has been great. Many new customers explain that the stickers arrived in the post and made it very easy for us to mark everything, no using a black marker or even worse a pen. Just last week a guy called us for a quote and was very happy to learn Interstate Removals is offering the free labels as a part of its service. He went on to explain during a move removal from Melbourne to Brisbane the furniture removalist lost two of his boxes and a bag and they were not recovered as the removalist did not label anything. Don’t risk loss or damage ask what labels or procedures they have to ensure your furniture is safe.

Troy Said

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