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Interstate Removal Service

Interstate Removal Services

Hiring Furniture Movers can feel and is overwhelming. With so many different  moving companies to choose from, where do you start?

Interstate Removal Service

Over our many years of experience, and with some really bad experiences combined with mostly good ones, we’ve made the task of hiring movers a little less complicated, simply from learning what we need to know before we sign on the dotted line.

Try Sites like http://www.productreview.com.au/ or http://www.womow.com.au/

Rule of thumb here is if your Removalist is not mentioned, or mentioned very little…. Their Okay!

How to Hire A Removalist….Do Your Research!

It’s a good idea to check out movers by researching their history, understanding the signs of a rogue moving company and by knowing exactly what details will be involved in your move. Will you be packing yourself? What kind of time estimate will be best for your move?

Ask Questions…

  • What size trucks do you have/that will pick me up?
  • Are the removalists qualified/full time employees?
  • Are you Insured?
  • Can we obtain Insurance?
  • Where are you (head office) located?
  • Do you have after hours contact telephone numbers? 

Once the Removalist has answered all your questions satisfactorily and you get that feeling that they know what they are talking about and doing then there is nothing left but to book them in and get things moving.

Happy Moving, We do hope things go well for you.

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