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Packing For Interstate Removalists

Packing For Interstate Removalists – General Packing Tips

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Moving home and Packing For Interstate Removalists is a big job no matter what the reason for the move. Even if the move is bringing you to an exciting new home, new office or exciting adventure, it is still a big job to undertake. There is packing and cleaning to be done at the old place, moving things then prepping and unpacking at the new place as well as day-to-day things that come up. Is it any wonder that just saying the word moving can bring a bit of stress.

Packing For Interstate Removalists, whether you do it all or you hire a dependable company of interstate removalists, some general packing tips can help the process go along a bit smoother. When starting the boxing up process, the first step is to pack each family member a suitcase as if it were time for a holiday. Pack each person about three days worth of clothing, toiletries and medicines and favourite items in a bag that is put aside from the moving boxes. Put these suitcases in the car or in a handy spot so they will not be gathered up with the moving boxes. Add a bag with books and games for the kids and this set of suitcases will provide the family with needed items before the boxes are unpacked in the new home.

Make a set of ‘open first’ boxes that are clearly marked and filled with the things needed to get started in the new place. A kitchen open first box should have necessary pans, utensils and even non-perishable food items to make getting a meal going less of a chore. Eating out during a move can not only get expensive, but often people tire of that type of food and are ready for a decent meal at home. Even if you use interstate removalists to do the packing, you can designate this or pack it yourself to make setting up house in the new place easier. Do the same for a bathroom box, for nobody is a fan of a frantic search for toilet paper in a moment of necessity. Put toilet paper, towels, soap and a magazine in a clearly marked ‘open first’ bathroom box and that search will be an easy one.

Reputable interstate removalists can help provide not only the packing and moving work, but also a good list of how to prepare for the move as well as provide moving materials if you’d like to begin packing.

Troy Said


    Jan Colman

    3 years ago

    Need to know about packing books – ie weight per box
    Need to know if I tape down stereo equipment in shelved cabinet or remove parts ie dvd player, video player, radio and pack separately
    Should I put a couple of sheets/towels in boxes where there are breakables ie china, glass, ornaments

    Jan Colman

    3 years ago

    Please advise
    Book box weight
    Would I include sheets/towels in china/glass boxes for soft impact protection
    Should I tape down dvd player,, radio & video player in cabinet or remove and pack separately
    Jan Colman

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