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Interstate Removals From Brisbane

There’s more to moving home than packing boxes and removalist trucks, as anybody who’s ever attempted interstate removals will tell you.

There are registrations to change, insurance to buy, disconnections & connections, mail redirections, and that’s just the beginning!

Before you hit the panic button, take a deep breath and tackle tasks one at a time with Interstate Removals’ helpful hints about varying regulations across Australia affecting interstate relocation:


Firstly, before you even think about interstate removals, do some research into your current insurance plan. Does it cover you for moving house? Have you notified your home and contents insurance provider that you’re moving interstate?

They like to know these things, and if anything out of the ordinary happens to your furniture during transit, you’ll be glad you got it sorted.


Most companies allow you to arrange disconnections in advance, so get this over and done with. Gas, electricity, telephone, Internet and pay-TV will either need to be disconnected or redirected to your new interstate address when vacating your property. Remember to leave the electricity connected until after you’ve cleaned the house – it’s even less fun in the dark!

Check out Energy Australia for more tips on all things energy-related when it comes to moving interstate.

Animals & quarantine

While you don’t need to microchip domestic animals in the Northern Territory or South Australia (and only cats in Western Australia), it’s compulsory for both cats and dogs to be microchipped everywhere else.

The non-invasive procedure means you’ll be able to track down pets if they take off during the move. For info about pet ownership regulations across Australia visit the RSCPA Knowledge Database. A

Also be aware of any quarantine restrictions regarding plants and foods that threaten local flora and fauna in your new region. Taking your pet rabbit to Queensland? Ah-hem…you’ll need a permit for that!

Car registration

Vehicle registration is also regulated by state governments, so you’ll need to sort this out too. If you’re moving interstate to Brisbane you need to register your car within 14 days of establishing your new address or risk being fined.

For more info about transferring registration from another state or territory to QLD visit the Department of Transport & Main Roads.

South Australians are more relaxed: if you’ve arranged interstate removals to Adelaide they’ll give you three months to apply for a local licence and register your car. Wherever you’re moving interstate, be sure to check local requirements so you’re not driving around town legally.

While you’re taking care of all that, we’ll take care of your furniture. With weekly backloads from Sydney, Melbourne, ACT, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Cairns, Townsville, Darwin and Tasmania, we’re pretty flexible.

Give us a call to find out how we can work in with your plans for interstate removals.


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