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Interstate Removals – Tips & Tricks

There is more to moving house than packing boxes and booking a removal truck. Anybody who has ever attempted to move across the country side would be able to tell you it isn’t a walk in the park, but with the right attitude and preparation it can be achieved with minimal fuss and bother.  

There are many things we must organize before and during the move such as vehicle registrations to update, removal insurance to buy, mail redirections, disconnections & connections and the moving out and moving in party to organise of course!

Before the stress buzzer goes off, take a deep breath and utilize Interstate Removals – we have put together the following helpful hints about Australia’s varying regulations when moving across state:

Interstate Removals Queensland

Removals Insurance

Before you confirm your move we strongly suggest you do a little research.

  • Does your current insurance plan cover you for moving house interstate?
  • Have you notified your insurance provider for your home and contents that you are moving interstate?

They would like to know this is happening, and if anything out of the ordinary happens during the move, you will be glad you got it sorted.

Interstate Removals Queensland include basic transit insurance with all our quotes and we will be glad to help you organise your full insurance cover by using CARTS or VERO MARINE.

Full insurance is the customer’s responsibility and can be taken out right up until the day of the move.

Disconnection & Reconnection of Utilities

It is best to be organised, to minimise the stress, most utility companies allow their customers to arrange disconnections in advance, this would be ideal to organise prior to your move instead of at the last minute.

However, remember to leave the electricity connected until you have vacated and finished cleaning the house – it’s not much fun to clean in the dark!

Most of your utilities will need to redirected to your new address; gas, electricity, internet, telephone, foxtel. It will be piece of mind to have this organised before you even arrive at you new humble abode.

There are now companies that do all connections for you by filling in a form and emailing or faxing to them. This will save most people time but you should read the fine print before commiting to such an offer as they are all a bit different.

Pets and Plants

Generally you are not the only one stressed when it comes to moving interstate, your pets can feel the tension and can make a runner if they feel uneasy. Check your ownership regulations across Australia RSCPA Knowledge Database.

You don’t need to microchip your cats and dogs in South Australia or the Northern Territory (and only cats in Western Australia), however everywhere else is compulsory for both cats and dogs. This procedure makes for an easier search if your pet decides to take a trip down the road to meet the neighbours.

It is also best to be aware of the quarantine restrictions in relation to plants and foods which can threaten the local flora and fauna in your new location.

Motor Vehicle registration

There are varying regulations for vehicle registrations across Australia’s governments. It will depend where you are moving to on how much time you have to organise your registration transfer.

If you are moving interstate to Queensland you will need to register your vehicle within 14 days of relocating to your new address or you will put yourself at risk of receiving a fine.

Visit the Department of Transport & Main Roads for more information on transferring your vehicle registrations from one state to another. Where ever you are moving to interstate, be sure to check the local requirements so you are not driving around illegally, bearing in mind some states will give you three months opposed to 14 days.

While you are organising all your insurance, utilities, pets and plants, and vehicle we will take care of your furniture.

We have weekly backloads from Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Townsville and Tasmania, we are pretty versatile and can accommodate to your removal needs.

Call us today to discuss your interstate removals plans.


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Thanks for insight posting. some company are not providing removal insurance. rules and regulation for removing services is great by expert.


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Hi Zack,

Your welcome. Interstate Removals can help you with furniture removals from and to the Gold Coast.

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