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Moving After a Separation

Divorce and moving house both rank in life’s top three most stressful events. When they coincide, it can be a turbulent time full of complicated endings and new beginnings. Hiring a removalist interstate is the easy part – it’s what happens in between that can affect the chances of maintaining a respectful relationship with your partner and the effects this can have on children, pets and property.

Prevention is better than cure, particularly in the event of a separation. With so much emotion weighing in on decisions, it can be hard to make objective evaluations, and casual conversations can quickly escalate into heated arguments. Hiring an experienced solicitor or mediator before things turn nasty can help maintain open communication and bring clarity to decisions, often preventing slow and costly court proceedings.

Before leaving home, make alternative living arrangements somewhere stable and preferably close to your support network. When you have organised a permanent address, arrange to have your mail redirected to your new home. Despite how amicable the separation may be, it’s best not to rely on your partner to redirect your mail – they’ve got enough on their plate already.

When deciding what to take, pack personal items first, like paperwork, photos, clothing and laptops. For items acquired together, discuss the division of property with your partner, as taking things without reaching a mutual agreement first is likely to slow down settlement negotiations later.

Who pays for the removalist interstate is another decision best made with legal support if an agreement can’t be reached. Interstate Removals can deliver packing boxes and supplies to the house in the interim to begin the moving process. In the event both parties vacate, Interstate Removals’ Melbourne storage warehouse can hold home wares and furniture for Melbourne locals, providing a short term storage solution for shared property until it is legally distributed.

The ownership of cars, motorbikes and leisure vehicles is also best handled with legal advisors. If your partner takes the car while still registered in your name, you are legally responsible for damage caused in an accident, so be sure to have your name removed from the paperwork as soon as possible.

If you decide to relocate interstate and take the car with you, Interstate Removals can arrange to have your vehicle transported for you, so you can take the plane and not have to worry about driving long distance with the stress of the separation.

To book vehicle transportation, start the packing process or organise furniture removals interstate with a qualified, reputable removalist offering a price beat guarantee, call Interstate Removals today on 1300 299 969 or email service@interstateremovals.com.au.

We look forward to helping you move towards your new life interstate!


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