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By / Troy Said

Your moving checklist: preparing before and on moving day

It’s finally time to move!

There’s so much to think about and organise. Boxes. Labelling. Organising kids. Getting them ready. And then there are your things too.

But don’t despair.

The team at Interstate Removals have years of experience helping people and families move across Australia.

And due to popular demand, here is our moving checklist for both a) the day before the move, and b) moving day itself.

We guarantee it will save you time, money and give peace of mind.


Checklist: Moving eve

– Unplug the fridge 24 hours before the move
– Remove food from fridge and freezer, defrost and clean interior
– Dismantle all items where possible
– Tape down all draws so they don’t open during uplift
– Cancel all utilities including water, telephone, rubbish removal, gas and electrical, internet/Foxtel. Have your meters read.

Okay. You’ve made it through the day before the move. Now, onto the big day. Follow these simple steps to make moving a breeze.

Checklist: Moving day

– Carry all valuables with you (for example jewellery, cash, medications
– Lock all doors and windows
– Check lights and taps are turned off
– Do a walk around each room, open all cupboards and check shelves
– Leave keys/garage door openers in one place
– Don’t forget your pets!

Click here to download a printable copy of your moving day checklists.

And if you’re planning a move between Australian states, then contact Interstate Removals. We’ll make your moving experience a fun and reliable one!

Troy Said

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