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By / Troy Said

Moving Cons

Moving Cons

Moving Con will get you angry

As Interstate Removals want to help improve the image of Furniture Removals Industry in Australia we are going to share with you some very important and in our opinion crucial.

Under priced & Over committed

Ever flown with this recently new Air Line named after an animal? Hmmm, well my friend has and explained to us that most of the time cheap is nasty! At the end of the day It can also cost you more in the long run. 

Removal Companies can be the same with different levels of service and commitment. If it seems cheap and nasty you’re going to be fairly sure it will be. Ask to view current testimonies and even speak to the previous clients if possible. Dont trust the old looking testimonies from 1988 from Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Yeah right. 

Paid quoting systems or web-sites that promise a number of quotes can have issues as these companies get their clients mainly from Internet web sites that let you enter in your basic moving information, and then send the information to other moving companies.   all compete for your business which in most cases would be a good thing however it becomes a bit of a circus and the end result is crap sales talk…. Now if don’t need that when moving Interstate.

At first the people at these moving companies nice as they are needing to sell, sell, sell. They give you a low bid, and tell you that your things will be in taken care of and that our people are professionals. .It’s when the movers actually show up, and it’s too late for you to save yourself where things can  go horribly wrong.

 Dont risk it! Call Interstate Removals 1300 299 969

Troy Said

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