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Moving Furniture To Maitland NSW

Moving Furniture to Maitland NSW

Move Furniture To Maitland NSW

– Three Golden Moving Tips

Moving house or offices from one city to another can become rather hectic and can cause some issues if all the necessary requirements are not organised prior to the removal date. If you are looking to at moving furniture to Maitland NSW or interstate for the first time, knowing all the necessary steps to get the job done smoothly and effectively will put your mind at ease.

Here are the three golden moving tips when moving to Maitland NSW:

Your Planning Counts

When moving to Maitland planning your move is a process, however if the right planning is not done, the move will not go as smoothly as we all would like. Plan your move around a time when if it is possible to have less stress, more time to get packed and ready to go and meet the driver for delivery. If it can be avoided, do not leave your move to the last minute. This will cause you to be stressed and will affect the moving process.

Be specific, know what items you are moving and from which room. This is so the removalist can read the name of each room on the box and take it to the designated room on delivery to help with your unpacking process.

Get the Necessary Permits

When moving items interstate to Maitland, such as plants, exotic pets etc please be aware you may need permits to take these over the boarders. You will need to attain the appropriate permit otherwise the removalist will not load the item/s on to the truck to be relocated as various fines may occur.

Check for Insurance

Removal companies only offer basic transit insurance. This means if the truck catches fire, has an accident on the road or is stolen then your items will be insured. This does not cover scratches or accidental loss or damage. When moving to Maitland seek out your preferred insurance provider for the necessary furniture removal quote or speak to your chosen removal company who may be able to organise the insurance on your behalf. Be prepared as this will need to be processed before the items are in transit.


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