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Moving out of home for the first time: tips from cheap interstate removalists

The day has finally arrived: you’ve graduated from high school and been working all summer to save for the big move – it’s time to fly the coop! Before you get too excited by the idea of such a momentous occasion, there are some things to consider first. Give us a call at Interstate Removals to source a quote for cheap interstate removalists and refer to these quick tips for leaving home:

Talk to your parents
Your parents are also likely anxious about the big move.Whether they’re crying tears of sadness or joy, it’s bound to be an emotional time. Think about how your parents may be feeling and talk through any worries they have surrounding the move. Likewise, if you have any questions, don’t be too stubborn to ask parents for advice or reach out to community and government organisations like rental authorities and student support groups.

Before moving, ensure you’ve drawn up a realistic budget for living out of home. Don’t forget to include expenses like bond (if you’re moving into a sharehouse/flat) and connection fees for utilities such as gas, electricity and Internet. Creating a weekly budget is a simple and sure way to avoid debt. Also, consider purchasing home and contents insurance if moving into a sharehouse where roomies are lax about leaving windows open and doors unlocked. If you’re heading into full-time study, check out what financial support may be available through Centrelink’s Austudy program by calling 132 490.

Finding the right place
Whether you’re moving into a university dorm, an established sharehouse, setting up a new place with friends or heading out on your own, make sure it’s an environment that suits you and your lifestyle. Ask yourself some serious questions: if you are living alone, will you get lonely? If you are sharing, will you get along with the other tenants? Always be clear about what you’re getting into before signing a lease or tenancy agreement by inspecting the house in person first and meeting all occupants face-to-face.

The big day
Before the big day, make a list of things to take. Whether it’s a big or small move, consider how you are going to transport your furniture. You may think a DIY move is the cheapest option, but this is an easy trap for first-time movers. If it’s a single bedroom of furniture, backloadingis likely to save you time, energy and money, not to mention the stress of attempting it yourself.

If you’re looking for cheap interstate removalists, call 1300 299 969 today and ask how we can get you on the Road to Independence with our cheap, quick, reliable and friendly operators who’ve helped hundreds of firs-time home leavers finally fly the coup.


Troy Said


    Braden Bills

    3 years ago

    My son is going to be moving out of the house. It’s such a big day! I’ll make sure that we hire some removalists to help with getting his stuff to his new apartment.


    2 years ago

    Good article. Remember book removalists weeks in advance. Movers can have a tight schedule. If you want to do it quickly ask a few companies. Perhaps one of them has a free date that suits you. Here shft.com.au you can find a comprehensive list of removalists.

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