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It’s time to get packing!

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Yes, the dreaded word when it comes to moving, “packing”. Where to start? Invite your so called friends and family over, they sure wouldn’t mind a few free bits and bobs around the house that you don’t use anymore. Only true friends show their face when it comes to moving. When packing you will probably come across some great memories to reminisce over at the same time. Try to enticing them over, provide some nibbles, drinks and a good laugh, how about having a Barbie!? And if they are happy to help, get them packing then drinking.

We have put together some packing guidelines to get the shindig under way:

Bits and Bobs

If it can be put in a box, it needs to be put in a box. Moving in or out of Sydney put things in a box not only saves time but it also keeps items safe. If you have loose bits and bobs in the truck it is sure to get lost. It is best to minimise this from happening for your own piece of mind by putting everything in a box. Always remember when packing; the larger and heavy items go at the bottom, with the lighter, smaller items at the top. Books need to be placed in a book wine box to ensure the safest lifting possible, isn’t it bizarre how paper can be so heavy! Make sure anything that is sharp is covered with bubble wrap, towels or clothes to minimise any scratching on other items while in transit. Hazardous items such as paint bleach and aerosols are to be kept together and separate from other items, it is best to put these in a plastic sealed container.

Label your boxes – (Interstate Removals supply these)

With Backloading it is best to mark your items to keep the job for your removalists as simple as possible. The booking reference, first and last name, pickup address, delivery address and which room the item is to be delivered to; i.e. John Smith, reference 1010 John Smith, Southbank VIC to Bondi NSW, Kitchen is suffice to allow your removal company the necessary information to deliver your items. Adequate labelling will also prevent you from opening and unpacking any boxes in the incorrect room.

Your survival kit

It is a great idea to have a survival kit packed with all the essentials for your first few nights in your new abode. Your kit needs to consist of the following items; first aid kit, sanitary items, tea, coffee and sugar, kettle, cutlery, cups, plates and bowls, a torch and towels.

Now you are all sorted, your friends and family have some items they have been meaning to get for awhile and you have a lighter load which means a less expensive move! You can now organise your moving date and secure your move. Call Interstate Removals and we will talk with you about your options.

Keep packing and we’ll take care of the rest!


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