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Moving To Brisbane

Moving To Brisbane Queensland? You should find this helpful

If you are Moving to Brisbane soon this may be of interest to you. Thousands of people move here each year in search of better jobs, more opportunities and a relaxed lifestyle that a Move To Brisbane can offer. Interstate Furniture Removals is moving many of its customers to Brisbane and its surrunding areas from all over Australia.

Why is Brisbane a great place to live? Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make a difference…such as a fellow commuter saying hello to you on the train, it’s knowing your home is near a safe, clean park, it could be being greeted by sunshine most days of the year, having fantastic theatre, restaurants, markets and more at reach but still enjoying a laidback feeling in the city. ‘Friendly’, ‘inclusive’ and ‘relaxed’ are words that spring to mind when we try and describe our city.

So, if you are thinking of moving here, we’ll connect you to the information you need and the assistance of professionals.

Quick lesson in geography

Never explored the greater Brisbane region? Well, just outside the Brisbane City Council boundary are the cities of Logan, Redcliffe and Ipswich. An hour or two from Brisbane, you can head south to the Gold Coast, north to the Sunshine Coast and west to Toowoomba. Brisbane is part of the thriving and growing South East Queensland region which offers many work opportunities and lifestyle choices. The city, riverfront, beaches, Moreton Bay, mountains are all here…

Moving To Brisbane From Interstate

Its best to use an experience Interstate Removals Company such as Interstate Removals. Most people find hiring a truck or selling and re-purchasing their goods too difficult and expensive.

Renting a home

When you first move, it’s likely that you will need to rent a property. Try Realestate.com to find your new property..

Jobs and employment

Search for  with our job search partner, CareerOne.

Driver’s licence

If you are moving to Brisbane from somewhere other than Queensland, you need to transfer your driver’s licence. The Department of Transport answers the questions about transferring your licence.

And if you are moving from within Queensland, you need to ensure your address details are current. You can do this online at the Department of Transport website.

Moving tips

Moving house, especially if you are moving cities as well, takes a lot of organisation. Our Interstate Removalist Tips provide a practical countdown to the tasks before moving day. Plus, we’ll connect you to Brisbane-based services that can help.

Did you know?

  • It is illegal to keep a rabbit or hamster as a pet in Queensland.
  • Brisbane doesn’t have a surf beach (although there are plenty of sand beaches which fringe Moreton Bay). The oubrisbane.com site is packed full of information you can use to learn about life in our city:

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