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Nine house moves in 10 years? Army wife shares her secret to a stress-free move

Mandy Mann is used to relocating her family.

Along with her husband, who is a Major in the Australian Defence Force, she has moved house nine times in the last ten years.

I think you’ll all agree that makes her an expert in big moves.

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It’s easy to achieve by following her simple steps.

Firstly, as wife, mother and part-time nursing student, Mandy is time poor. But she’s found planning a to-do list prior to the move will not only save money but your sanity as well.

“Six to eight weeks out, begin condensing fridge and freezer contents,” she says.

“Only shop for bare necessities. The last thing you need to be doing on the day is emptying out and wiping down fridges or freezers.”

Secondly, Mandy admits moving with kids is not easy but it’s important to keep them involved and busy.

“A few days prior get the kids to pack their favourite things and decorate the outside with stickers and coloured markers. That way the kids can easily find their box in the chaos of the new place, and before you know it they’ll be busy unpacking, making their new room feel like home.”

Many also believes cutting down on time it takes to unpack is essential because, at the end of moving day, when fatigue kicks in, and boxes are piled high in every room, you’ll be grateful for the essentials.

“Wash bed sheets close to moving and on the day roll up all the layers including doonas and blankets in the fitted sheet, box the bedding up and at the other end, simply unroll all the layers onto the mattress and make the bed in half the time.”

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