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Packing Cartons size for your Interstate Removal

Packing Cartons for you Interstate Removal

Many of our customers ask about the size of boxes and mow many cubic meters it will add to their Interstate move.

Let’s start by giving you the sizes of….

1)      Book or Wine Carton = 40cmL X 30cmW X 45cmH (0.1 of a cubic meter)

2)      Standard Carton = 45cmL X 40cmW X 60cmH (0.15 of a cubic meter)

3)      Port-A-Robe = 60cmL X 50am W X 1,000cm H (0.3 of a cubic meter)

Book or Wine Cartons: Are great for moving books, cds and little odds and ends.

Standard Cartons: Most commonly use due to their good size and cost of purchase. Great for packing that dvd player, cloths, towels etc. PackingTip: put a towel on the bottom and top of each box.

Port-A-Robe: Made to hang dresses, suites and other clothing items to move them easily and without heavy creasing.

Let’s remember when packing your moving boxes to be aware that the better they are packed the better they will travel during your home relocation. If you load one box full of books and cannot pick it up then it would be advisable to distribute the weight evenly so the removalists can carry them safely.

Supermarket boxes and NOT recommended as they are thin and flimsy. They are designed for only one moving trip and do not hold up well. Plastic tubs are better however old ones can be brittle and crack easy.

Interstate Removals recommend purchasing new cartons for your Interstate Move and knows that the small cost of purchasing new cartons is a worthwhile investment. Packing materials can be purchased from your local storage or packing supply business. 

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