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Guide to packing boxes for a move

You’ve loved living in Brisbane, but it’s time for a change. You’ve had your mail redirected, researched removal services Brisbane to Melbourne, hired a removalist, and set a date. Now all you have left to do is pack your life into boxes. While packing boxes may seem like one of the simplest and stress-free moving tasks, there is a correct way to do it. Follow this guide to ensure you are packing your belongings in a way that will keep them safe during your move:

Leave yourself plenty of time
Don’t leave packing until the last minute. Aim to start packing at least a few weeks before you move. Start with things you won’t need until after the move. If you pack in a rush, you are more likely to forget things and be careless.

Use good quality boxes
We recommend you use new, high quality boxes. If you do use pre-used boxes, make sure you test the strength of each box before you begin packing your valuable belongings in them. If you do decide to use second-hand boxes, it is a good idea to tape the bottom of the box with packing tape. This will ensure nothing falls through the bottom of the box.

Bottom up
Ready to start packing? Begin with your heavy items. Pack heavy items on the bottom and light items at the top. This will prevent damage to items within the boxes.

Don’t pack to much
If you pack your boxes heavier than 20kgs they are more likely to break at the bottom. They will also be more difficult to carry.

Fill the gaps
If your boxes are being transported interstate in a truck, they are likely to move around a little. Try to fill empty box space with bubble wrap or cloths. This is particularly important for boxes filled with fragile items.

Seal and label
Make sure your boxes are not too full to close. When you are ready, seal each box with tape. Ensure each box is labelled, this will make it much easier to unpack in your new home. It will also help the removalists pack your boxes correctly.

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