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Removalist Sydney to Melbourne

Planning a move from Sydney to Melbourne

Moving interstate from Sydney to Melbourne is no small feat. Having to acclimatise to Melbourne’s menopausal weather and converting to AFL can be almost as tough as the 10-hour drive. We’ve lost count of the times we’ve driven across the boarder at Interstate Removals – it’s a regular thing for us. If this is your first interstate relocation however, here are some suggestions on how to minimise the stress and prepare for the big day:


Create an inventory of everything you need to move. The more accurate the list is, the less chance there is of potentially costly and inconvenient misjudgements. Overestimating will mean paying for space you don’t need. If it’s unlikely you’ll fill en entire removalist truck, enquire about backloading services. By using leftover space in another vehicle, you’ll share the costs and reduce the environmental impact of pollution on Australia’s roads.  Too lazy to write your own? Call Interstate Removals and we’ll send someone over.

Tap test

The age old tap test: it’s that patronising part of the annual work occupational health and safety training that requires you to stand in front of your colleagues and demonstrate correct technique for picking up heavy boxes. The golden rule – if you can’t move the box with your foot, you shouldn’t pick it up. Well, that’s what you hire removalists for: to take care of the heavy lifting. Remember though that while your packing boxes will be moved for you, there’s a chance you’ll need to shift them around after they arrive, so aim to keep them under 20 kilos.

Change of address 

If you want to continue receiving your Baskin Robbins birthday voucher, you’ll need to let them know you’re moving house. Start the updating process with the wad of plastic cards in your wallet. Jump online or give the company a call – it’s also a good time to check that phone numbers and email addresses are up to date. Keep a record of which ones you’ve done. After the first five it’s easy to lose track. If you’d rather deal with this later, give Australia Post a call and organise a mail redirection.   

If you’re considering hiring a removalist Sydney to Melbourne, call an experienced and Guaranteed Best Price provider like Interstate Removals. We offer daily backloads from Sydney to Melbourne and our professional contractors like lifting heavy things. Sit back, enjoy the drive and we’ll see you on the other side!


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